Wwe how big is the great khali

The great khali

Name: Dalip Singh

Ring name: The Great Khali

Nickname: Punjabi Playboy

Born: August 27, 1972

Place of birth: Dhirana Himachal Pradesh

Height: 2.16 m

Weight: 190.5 kg

Finishing Move: Vice Grip (Iron Claw), Punjabi Plunge (Double Handed Chokeslam)

1 x World Heavyweight Champion

Dalip Singh was born on August 27, 1972 in Dhirana Himachal Pradesh (India). In pro wrestling, he became known as The Great Khali.

Before his wrestling career, Singh worked as a stone breaker and did bodybuilding on the side. Singh has been with the Punjab Police Department since 1993.
In 2000, Khali appeared for the wrestling league APW. On May 28, 2001, Khali performed his flapjack on Brian Ong. Ong entered the ring with a concussion and was killed in the act. The APW paid the family $ 1.3 million in compensation.

In August 2001, Khali joined the NJPW. Here he fought with Giant Silva and they defeated several wrestlers. In 2002 he left NJPW again.

In January 2006, Singh signed a contract with WWE. He first went to the development league Deep South Wrestling. On April 7th, The Great Khali was on SmackDown for the first time! to see. He attacked the Undertaker in his match against Mark Henry. A week later, his then manager Daivari introduced The Great Khali to fans.

But it was supposed to be a short guest appearance at WWE for Khali. However, Khali stayed with SmackDown! Due to a lack of superstars. So WWE didn't cancel Khali's contract. He started a feud against the Undertaker. At the Great American Bash 2006 he was supposed to play against Undertaker in a Punjabi prison match, but Khali had to pass for health reasons. The Big Show represented Khali in that match, and lost. At Summerslam 2006, Khali was supposed to play against The Undertaker in a Last Man Standing match but this was brought forward to the TV show SmackDown. On August 18th, 2006 on SmackDown! The Undertaker won the Last Man Standing Match. The taker showed the chokeslam and Khali stayed on the floor until 10.

After this feud, Khali and Daivari moved to ECW. Daivari appeared increasingly as a wrestler. The Great Khali acted more as a bodyguard and manager.

After a brief feud with Tommy Dreamer, which Khali could clearly win, he switched to Raw on January 8th. Here he won against John Cena by DQ. On April 1, 2007 Khali won at Wrestlemania 23 against Kane after the double hand chockebomb.

On Judgment Day 2007, Khali lost to Cena according to the STFU. Khali had to retire for the first time in WWE. At the ECW One Night Stand 2007 he lost again to John Cena this time in a Falls Count Anywhere match. This enabled Cena to defend his title both times against Khali.

The Draft Lottery brought Khali back to SmackDown !. On July 20, 2007, Khali was able to win the World Heavyweight Title in a 20 man battle royale because Edge had to give up due to injury. At the Great American Bash 2007 Khali was able to defend the title against Kane and Batista. However, Khali lost the title at Unforgiven 2007 to Batista. At No Mercy 2007 Khali could not win back the title in a Punjabi Prision Match.

At SmackDown! he could win against Jamie Noble. In a match against Batista and the Undertaker, he was able to give the Undertaker the vice grip. A week later, Khali lost to The Undertaker through his submission move, the triangle hold.

At the Survivor Series 2007 he was able to win against Hornswoggle through DQ. Over the next few weeks at SmackDown, he lost to Finlay and Hornswoggle.

He also lost to Finlay at Armageddon 2007. In the weeks that followed, he wasn't seen on SmackDown that often. When his translator and manager Ranjin Sighn played an arm wrestling contest against Hornswoggle, he was seen again. A Belfast Brawl against Finlay ended in a draw.

At the Royal Rumble 2008 he was eliminated right at the beginning after the Undertaker eliminated him.

At No Way Out 2008 he was in the SmackDown! Elimination Chamber Match eliminated from The Undertaker.

At Wrestlemania 24 in the 24 Man Battle Royal he was eliminated by Kane, among others. A brief feud against The Big Show ensued. Khali lost to him at Backlash in 2008. He then took an injury break to have an operation on his knees in India. After a 3 week break he returned to win against Referee Charles Robinson.

In a Battle Royal at a SmackDown! In the 1st edition before the Summer Slam, the Great Khali secured a championship match for the WWE title in the Summer Slam. But in the end he couldn't win the match against Triple H for the WWE Championship.

From autumn there was a Khali-Kiss Cam in which he kissed slightly chubby women. The fans liked these promotions and the Great Khali became a fan favorite.

After that he was not seen for a short time. He had another real feud at the end of May. Khali was betrayed in several matches by Dolph Ziggler. Khali lost the climax of the feud at The Bash 09 in a No DQ match when Kane attacked the Great Khali. A feud with Kane began. The Great Khali was often attacked from behind by Kane and it resulted in a match at SummerSlam.

The Great Khali lost this after a hard DDT from Kane.

The Great Khali was able to gain a foothold as an actor in addition to his profession as a wrestler, so he appeared in several films and series. He got his first role in 2005, where he starred in the film "The Longest Yard". Most recently he was in front of the camera for a French film that was released in 2012 under the name “Sur la piste du Marsupilami”. Furthermore, he was also seen in the television series "Pair of Kings", where he had a one-off appearance.

Status: September 1, 2009