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Fortnite: how to get a tomato basket from a farm

The new challenges for Week 4 of Fortnite Season 5 are here, and there are two more challenges to complete to get experience points.

The new challenges also include shooting down enemy structures with the X-4 Stormwing aircraft, eliminating enemies with less than 50% health and the curious task of collecting a tomato basket on a farm.

Finding a tomato basket on a nearby farm is one of two tomato-themed Fortnite challenges this week; the other is to light and dance a tomato shrine near the Pizza Pit or Pizza Food Truck.

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For the new challenge you have to look for baskets filled with tomatoes. They will be scattered around the farm-like area just north of the Colosseum, which is in the northeast part of the new sands.

Tomato basket location 1

The first location is in a red farmhouse, just behind a huge tent with a tomato head. Go past the tent and to the edge of the sand. Look out for a tall red building with a gray roof. The tomato basket is on the top floor.

Tomato basket location 2

Just behind the red building is one of the Christmas trees that players had to dance around in last week's Fortnite challenges. Just behind the tree is a large farmhouse with a wide porch. This house is light blue in color and has a gray roof. The basket is in the rear right part of the house on the first floor, in the kitchen area just behind the dining room.

Tomato basket location 3

The third place to find a tomato basket is east of the other two. It's a small isolated red house on a hill surrounded by rivers. Look east from the edge of the desert, towards the ocean. Inside the kitchen on the first floor of this house is the third basket.

To complete the challenge, all you have to do is touch one of these three baskets.