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Real branches are disappearing: Secret map shows where other supermarket giants strike

In February all Real stores went to a Russian-German consortium. The investor SCP and the real estate giant x + Bricks are now pushing ahead with breaking up the markets. A large part is to be resold to Kaufland and Edeka. A secret insider list is now supposed to show where real markets disappear. However, no one wants to officially confirm it.

The intended dismantling of the Real markets is taking shape. The first Excel lists are already circulating on the net, which should show which branches are going to the two takeover candidates Kaufland and Edeka.

But experts with whom CHIP is in contact and also the industry service "Lebensmittel Zeitung" warn against the authenticity of these lists. They only provide clues. The works councils also admit that they rather show an interim status. Above all, employees and customers should get a feel for which players are moving into the Real area.

CHIP has looked at the lists. This is how the distribution looks depending on the federal state:

  • Bavaria: 6 branches will probably go to Edeka, 3 branches will probably be closed, 11 shops will probably go to Kaufland and the future is apparently unclear for the remaining 14 branches.
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg: 10 branches will probably go to Kaufland, 8 branches may go to Edeka and there is apparently no takeover for 18 branches.
  • Berlin: Two branches will probably go to Kaufland, one will probably be closed and there are apparently no takeover candidates for two Real stores.
  • Brandenburg: Three branches will probably go to Edeka, two branches will probably get Kaufland, one Real branch will be closed and six branches are probably looking for a buyer.
  • Bremen: Kaufland will probably secure a branch, Edeka probably two stores and there is apparently no buyer for a Real branch.
  • Hamburg: Two branches are apparently going to Kaufland and two branches are still available.
  • Hesse: There is apparently no future for six branches, three will probably go to Kaufland and two possibly to Edeka.
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Apparently, Kaufland are supposed to take over five Real stores and three are still to be taken over.
  • Lower Saxony: 15 branches are apparently still without takeover candidates, 13 branches are likely to go to Kaufland and Edeka may be planning two branches.
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: In this federal state there are probably two branch closings, three shops are apparently going to Edeka, one branch is probably going to Kaufland and SCP is probably looking for a buyer for seven branches.
  • Saarland: An Edeka branch is likely to be built and for four Real branches it is still unclear who will take over.
  • Saxony: Two branches may go to Edeka and there are probably no plans for another.
  • Saxony-Anhalt: Two branches will probably go to Edeka, two will probably be closed and there is probably no information for the remaining seven branches.
  • Schleswig-Holstein: Apparently two Real stores are becoming Edeka and four more are probably still looking for a buyer.
  • Thuringia: in this state the situation is still completely unclear.

Wish lists are at the Bundeskartellamt

Edeka and Kaufland have already forwarded their desired Real branches to the Federal Cartel Office for approval.

Both supermarket giants have registered more stores overall than they could ultimately get. Industry experts speak of a takeover buffer.

However, the Federal Cartel Office will not approve every takeover. Rather, the authority wants to check entire localities in which the affected branches are located. It should be avoided that supermarket monopolies arise in regions of Germany.

Kaufland is part of the Schwarz Group, which also controls the discounter giant Lidl. Edeka in turn owns the discounter brand Netto Marken-Discount and Rewe is working together with Penny under the umbrella of the Rewe Group.

The Federal Cartel Office wants to avoid that only one retail company operates in the immediate vicinity. This is to prevent customers from being disadvantaged and competition from coming to a standstill.

Kaufland puts pressure on

Apparently, the retailers Kaufland and Edeka had considered all the concerns of the authority in their wish list, explains an insider. This is another reason why industry experts expect a quick decision when taking over the company.

Kaufland in particular seems to be interested in a quick deal. The group has apparently announced the takeover of 101 stores. Kaufland hopes that the Federal Cartel Office will approve the purchase of at least 80 branches (CHIP reported).

If the plan works and the authorities make a quick decision, the first 20 stores are to be gradually converted in October. The reason for the pace is the high-turnover Christmas business, which Kaufland would like to take away. The company does not confirm such speculations.

Nevertheless, CHIP already has specific information. According to an insider, the following Real branches are apparently affected:

  • Aachen
  • Bochum-Watt
  • Detmold
  • Ettlingen
  • Gemersheim
  • Gutersloh
  • Hamm-Heessen
  • Heinsberg
  • Hildesheim
  • Kulmbach
  • Mannheim-Neu-Edingen
  • Moers
  • Neuss
  • Paderborn
  • Straubing

Edeka is also hoping for a quick conclusion. Some Edeka merchants had already carried out market analyzes before submitting their wish lists and had also considered the location of Real and Edeka. Again, there could be a quick decision.

Rewe is also interested in almost 20 Real stores, but would rather move in as a tenant. Some branches are to be closed, a small part is to be rebuilt so that mini-malls are created and Aldi, Rossmann and other shops can move in.

The SCP Group wants to continue with some branches under the name Real. Operationally, the previous Real GmbH is to manage the business. According to rumors, the new owner is planning to open almost 50 Real stores across Germany. The company does not want to comment on, confirm or deny the number.

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