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Blaine Anderson

Blaine Devon Anderson



Blaine Warbler (Rachel, Kurt, Hunter, Brittany)
Billy Crystal, my sweetie, the man with no make-up, the alpha gay, my brave, attractive curly-haired friend, my curlers, silly, my newly separated ex-boyfriend, puppeteer, my fiancé, my husband (Kurt)
Warbler Blaine (Wes, Warblers)
other gay, young Burt Reynolds, gay Clark Kent from the first season of Smallville, B (Sue)
Killer, Dalton Boy, gay Cyclops (Sebastian)
Bling-bling, blaineydays, my boo, boo (Tina)
Ladyboy (Karofsky)
Wonder Twin, gay mare, gay Winklevoss twin (Santana)
modern Judas with bow tie (puck)
my extra special guest (Sugar)
Blainey, dwarf, little brother, smart ass (Cooper)
the new guy with the afro, Mr. Broccoli (Brittany)
the new Rachel, Mr. President (Artie)
Pilgrim, young Orville Redenbacher, the man of the hour (Sam)
gay escort (Mercedes)
gay fonzie (Roz)
Ma'am (Unique)
Honor Rachel, Paul (himself)
gay blaine (becky)
Anderson (Burt)
Blaine Jong-il (Tina, Sam)
Nightbird (alter ego)

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Singing, dancing, fashion, football, acting, boxing, polo, advice, gay rights


Singing, acting, dancing, piano, harmonica, boxing, fencing


Singing, dancing, acting


Romance, rejection, naivety, insecurity, victim of bullying


2010 Showchor Sectionals (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)
2013 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2013 Showchor Nationals (2nd place)

Series information

Blaine Devon Anderson is a graduate of McKinley High School, was its student president and a member of New Directions and Cheerios. Before that he was a student at Dalton Academy, which he switched to because of the bullying attacks at his previous school, and was the lead singer of the Warblers there.

Blaine is a self-confessed gay and has been since Our own songs with Kurt Hummel in a steady relationship and out of love for him switched to The Purple Piano Project, even school. The two split up due to the events in Is separation the death of love?. In Goodbye makes friendsKurt Blaine calls in front of the Sectionals and they approach each other again. In About finding love, Blaine is shown holding a small ring box behind his back containing an engagement ring intended for Kurt, suggesting that he will be asking for his hand in season five. In Love, love, love he actually makes a proposal to Kurt, which Kurt accepts. Shortly before Loser like me Kurt dissolves the engagement due to various disputes and separates from Blaine, who then returns to Lima. There he begins a relationship with David Karofsky, but that in transformation ends because Blaine still loves Kurt. After he confessed that he still loves him, the two get back together and get married in A wedding together with Brittany and Santana.

In New Directions he announces that he has been accepted to NYADA and is between that episode and New New York moved to New York with Sam and Artie. At first he lived in the Bushwick apartment, but he and Kurt decided that it would be better for their relationship if he moved out again. That's why he moved to Mercedes with Sam, but moves in The untitled Rachel Berry project back to Kurt. After separating from Kurt in Loser like me he becomes depressed, which leads to his being kicked off NYADA and returned to Lima, where he becomes the Warblers' new coach. There in The rise and fall of Sue Sylvester When Dalton Academy burns to the ground, he, Kurt, and Will come up with a plan for the Warblers to join New Directions, which is why Blaine is now their third director alongside his husband and Rachel. In dreams come true he became a famous Broadway actor with Kurt and is a father-to-be.

He is from Darren Criss shown.

Earlier life

Blaine Anderson has an older brother named Cooper Anderson. He is shown to be very dominant, strict and critical, which makes Blaine hold a grudge against him. Before Blaine moved to Dalton Academy, he was in school where he was bullied for his sexuality. As soon as he came out, he took the only other gay boy at his school to their Sadie Hawkins Ball. While they were waiting for his friend's father to pick them up, three boys beat them green and blue. Blaine decided to switch to the Dalton as it has a zero tolerance against bullying policy. There he joined the Fight Club as a way to get rid of his anger at being chased away by his tormentors.


Season two

In Not kissed Kurt reaches the Dalton Academy, an all-boys school to which Puck sent him to spy. He stops Blaine walking past him and asks why everyone is in such a rush. He explains to him that the Warblers, the school choir of the Dalton Academy, give an impron number and that they are something like rock stars. Taking his hand, Blaine leads Kurt down a shortcut into the cafeteria, where the Warblers are Teenage Dreamperform and he sings in his direction over and over again. The open and friendly atmosphere overwhelms Kurt, which suggests that he is slowly falling in love with Blaine. After the performance Kurt has a coffee with him and two other warblers, Wes and David, who knew beforehand that he was not a spy. He asks them if they are all gay and while Blaine confirms he is, David informs him that the Dalton is not a "gay school" and has zero tolerance for harassment. Blaine notices that something is wrong with Kurt and asks his friends to leave them alone. He bursts into tears and confides in Blaine. He tells him that he is the only committed gay at his school and that he always tries to stay strong, but David Karofsky tells him

keeps making life hell and nobody cares. Blaine tells him he knows the feeling as he was no different at his old school. Instead of facing the abuse, however, he switched to the Dalton and ran away from his problems. He suggests to Kurt that a move would solve his problems, but that the school fees are quite steep or that he should face his tormentors, because he has never done that and deeply regrets it. During the course of the episode, the two must have exchanged their numbers, as Blaine SMS asked Kurt to show "courage". The next day he asks

Blaine asked for help from the previous day's events (the forced kiss in the locker room) to speak to Karofsky about his secret sexuality. At first he denies everything that happened between him and Kurt, but then the anger overcomes him again and he pushes Blaine against a fence. Kurt pushes him away from him, however, and he disappears, causing Blaine to joke that he is apparently not ready to come out anytime soon. Still in shock, Kurt tells him that he has never been kissed before Karofsky, at least not in a way that makes it count. To cheer him up, Blaine takes him out to lunch. Later you can see that Kurt has a picture of Blaine hanging in his locker with the word "COURAGE" underneath.

In Substitute player, it turns out that Kurt and Blaine have become close friends after he turns down an invitation from Mercedes to meet Blaine. When he does this for the second time, the three decide to go out to eat together at the Breadstix, where it becomes clear that Blaine is also for Vogue (he likes the same cover as Kurt), politics, especially the arguments on Proposition 8 "and the" Don't Ask, Don't Tell "policy and he's a college football fan, especially the Buckeyes. Kurt praises him ("about role stereotypes") before high-five. Although he is obviously enjoying talking to Kurt, Blaine notices Mercedes' absence and tries a few times to include her in the conversation.

Subsequently New worlds Blaine offers Kurt to audition for a solo at the Sectionals. He likes this later, but then tells him that he didn't make it. Kurt asks him for advice, whereupon he explains to him that the Warblers are about representing a unit and not who stands out the most, for this reason also the uniforms. Finally, he tells him that he will get used to it before the two then compete with the Warblers at the Sectionals against the New Directions and Hey soul sister to sing. The two show choirs

take first place, which means that they will compete against each other again at the Regionals. When Kurt thinks his canary Pavarotti is sick, he turns to Blaine for help. Smiling, he calms him down and tells him: "He has enough food and water and likes his cage. Give him time. Soon he will be singing again." It becomes clear that this should also be an allusion to Kurt. Finally he gives him a pat on the knee and leaves.

In How Sue stole Christmas Blaine interrupts Kurt in his studies and tells him that he is learning too much. He convinces him with him Baby, it's cold outside to help as he has to sing the song for an event with a girl. Kurt regrets that they will never be allowed to sing together and is happy to help. During the song the two flirt violently with each other and at the end they let themselves fall next to each other on the sofa, looking deep into the eyes and smiling. Before Blaine finally leaves, he tells Kurt that his singing partner won't be nearly as good as he is.

In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle