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Clean copper

Text: C.D. (Housewife) / Last update: 03/18/2021

Anyone who owns objects made of copper is familiar with the phenomenon: pots, vases and coins quickly turn dark or even turn green. The cause of this discoloration is oxidation. (Metal and oxygen react with each other.) Find out here how to clean copper!
Often, simple home remedies are enough to bring the characteristic pink-orange of copper back to a shine:

Remove the verdigris on copper - it is poisonous!

For example, while the verdigris effect is desired on gutters to protect the metal, the toxic layer on ornaments and pots must be avoided at all costs. The copper must therefore regularly be protected from tarnishing and receipts removed. If you don't want to use the expensive special cleaners from the drugstore, you can simply use tried and tested home remedies to remove verdigris. You will find many of the natural and environmentally friendly cleaning substances in your kitchen.

Home remedies to clean copper:

Copper objects such as pots or decorative plates look particularly good when they are sparkling clean. In order to bring them back to a shine, they must be polished thoroughly after cleaning with old home remedies.

Salt and vinegar:
The use of is effective and inexpensive at the same time vinegar and salt. For this, around half a liter of water is mixed with 100 ml of vinegar essence and 1 tablespoon of salt. The copper must be rubbed with this mixture. After a few minutes exposure time, the cleaning mixture is rinsed off with plenty of lukewarm water. Rub dry with a lint-free cloth and polish. For hard-to-reach areas, it is advisable to make a paste of vinegar and salt. This is pressed into the bottleneck. As usual, the mixture takes some time to take effect. Then rinse off the copper thoroughly. Smaller objects such as coins or pure copper jewelry can be cleaned in a salt, vinegar and water mixture without mechanical stress. To do this, the mixture must be boiled. The objects remain in the pot with the boiling water for a few minutes. Rinse carefully and then polish.

Clean copper with buttermilk:
Alternatively, buttermilk mixed with salt is also suitable for cleaning smaller copper objects. It is important to note that the copper remains in the buttermilk for at least an hour. As always, rinse thoroughly with clear water and then polish dry with a cloth.

To clean copper with a lemon:
The easiest way to remove verdigris from larger areas is with lemon and salt. To do this, the lemon is halved. The cut surface sprinkled with salt must now be passed over the copper several times. Dark deposits dissolve quickly. Rinse off the copper with plenty of clean water. Polish dry as always.

Remove verdigris with sulfamic acid

Undesired verdigris can also be countered with a sulfamic acid. According to the information on the packaging, the acid is mixed with water. Important: You should wear gloves when removing verdigris! The copper items are now immersed in the mixture. When the bubbles start to form, they can be rinsed off under clean water. It is best to dry the copper in the fresh air. As always, the shine comes into its own after polishing. Learn how to do it with us Clean burnt pots can.

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