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Sybase ASE server 1 SECTION(num) Get the absolute value SECTION(num) 2 ACOS (num) Get the arc cosine ACOS (num) 3 (st) Get code of left-most char (st) 4 ASEHOSTNAME () Get the workstation name HOST_NAME () 5 ASIN (num) Get the arc sine ASIN (num) 6 ATAN (num) Get the arc tangent ATAN (num) 7 ATN2 (x, y) Get arctangent of x other y ATN2 (x, y) 8 BIGINTTOHEX (exp) Convert bigint to 8-byte hex CONVERT (VARBINARY (8), CAST (exp AS BIGINT)) 9 BINTOSTR (exp) Convert hexadecimal to string 10 CEILING (num) Get the smallest following integer CEILING (num) 11 CHAR (num) Get character from code CHAR (num) 12 CHAR_LENGTH (string) Get length of string in characters LEN (string) 13 CHARINDEX (substr, str) Get position of substr CHARINDEX (substr, str) 14 COALESCE (exp1, exp2, ...) Return first non-NULL expression COALESCE (exp1, exp2, ...) 15 COL_LENGTH ('table', 'col') Get length of column COL_LENGTH ('table', 'col') 16 COL_NAME (tbl_id, col_id) Get name of column COL_NAME (tbl_id, col_id) 17 COMPARE (str, str2) Compare two strings User-defined function 18 CONVERT (dataype, exp) Convert to another datatype CONVERT (dataype, exp) 19 COS (num) Get the cosine COS (num) 20 COT (num) Get the cotangent COT (num) 21 CURRENT_BIGDATETIME () Get the current date and time GETDATE () 22 CURRENT_BIGTIME () Get the current time with fraction GETDATE () 23 CURRENT_DATE () Get the current date CONVERT (DATE, GETDATE ()) 24 CURRENT_TIME () Get the current time GETDATE () 25 DATALENGTH (exp) Get length of exp in bytes DATALENGTH (exp) 26 DATEADD (unit, num, date) Add an interval to datetime DATEADD (unit, num, date) 27 DATEDIFF (unit, start, end) Get datetime difference in units DATEDIFF (unit, start, end) 28 DATENAME (datepart, date) Get datepart as string DATENAME (datepart, date) 29 DATEPART (datepart, date) Get datepart as interger DATEPART (datepart, date) 30 DAY (datetime) Extract day from datetime DAY (datetime) 31 DB_ID (['database_name']) Get ID number of database DB_ID (['database_name']) 32 DB_INSTANCEID () Get ID number of instance @@ SERVICENAME 33 DB_NAME (['database_id']) Get the name of the database DB_NAME (['database_id']) 34 DEGREES (num) Convert radians to degrees DEGREES (num) 35 EXP (n) Raise e to the nth power EXP (n) 36 FLOOR (num) Get the largest preceding integer FLOOR (num) 37 GETDATE () Get the current date and time GETDATE () 38 GETUTCDATE () Get the current UTC datetime GETUTCDATE () 39 HEXTOBIGINT (exp) Convert hexadecimal to bigint CONVERT (BIGINT, exp) 40 HEXTOINT (exp) Convert hexadecimal to integer CONVERT (INT, exp) 41 HOST_ID () Get the workstation ID HOST_ID () 42 HOST_NAME () Get the workstation name HOST_NAME () 43 INDEX_COL (obj, id, key) Get indexed column name INDEX_COL (obj, id, key) 44 INDEX_COLORDER Get column order User-defined function 45 INDEX_NAME Get index name User-defined function 46 INSTANCE_ID () Get ID number of instance @@ SERVICENAME 47 INSTANCE_NAME () Get name of instance @@ SERVICENAME 48 INTTOHEX (integrity) Convert integer to hexadecimal CONVERT (VARBINARY (8), integrity) 49 ISDATE (string) Check for a valid datetime ISDATE (string) 50 ISNULL (exp, replace) Replace NULL ISNULL (exp, replace) 51 ISNUMERIC (string) Check for a valid numeric ISNUMERIC (string) 52 IS_SINGLEUSERMODE () Check for a single-user mode User-defined function 53 LEFT (string, n) Get n leftmost characters LEFT (string, n) 54 LEN (string) Get length of string in characters LEN (string) 55 LOG(numeric) Get natural logarithm LOG(numeric) 56 LOG10 (numeric) Get base 10 logarithm LOG10 (numeric) 57 LOWER (string) Lowercase string LOWER (string) 58 LTRIM (string) Remove leading spaces LTRIM (string) 59 MONTH (date) Extract month from date MONTH (date) 60 NEWID ([flag]) Generate GUIDs NEWID () 61 NEXT_IDENTITY ('table') Get next identity value of table IDENT_CURRENT ('table') + IDENT_INCR ('table') 62 NULLIF (exp1, exp2) Return NULL if exp1 = exp2 NULLIF (exp1, exp2) 63 OBJECT_ID (Surname) Get database object ID OBJECT_ID (Surname) 64 OBJECT_NAME (id [,db_id]) Get database object name OBJECT_NAME (id [,db_id]) 65 OBJECT_OWNER_ID (id) Get database object’s owner ID OBJECTPROPERTY (id, 'OwnerId') 66 PARTITION_ID (table, ptn) Get partition ID User-defined function 67 PARTITION_NAME (indid, id) Get partition name 68 PARTITION_OBJECT_ID (id) Get object ID for specified ptn ID User-defined function 69 PASSWORD_RANDOM (len) Get pseudorandom password User-defined function 70 PATINDEX (pattern, string) Get starting position of pattern PATINDEX (pattern, string) 71 PI() Get number pi PI() 72 POWER(value, n) Raise value to the nth power POWER(value, n) 73 RADIANS (numeric) Convert degrees to radians RADIANS (numeric) 74 EDGE([integrity]) Get random float value in (0, 1) EDGE([integrity]) 75 RAND2 () Var. RAND for each returned row 76 REPLICATE (string, n) Repeat stringn times REPLICATE (string, n) 77 RESERVE_IDENTITY (tbl, n) Repeat stringn times 78 REVERSE (string) Get reverse string REVERSE (string) 79 RIGHT (string, n) Get n rightmost characters RIGHT (string, n) 80 ROUND (num, integer) Get rounded value ROUND (num, integer) 81 RTRIM (string) Remove trailing spaces RTRIM (string) 82 SIGN (exp) Get sign of exp SIGN (exp) 83 SIN (num) Get sine SIN (num) 84 SOUNDEX (string) Get 4-character sound code SOUNDEX (string) 85 SPACE (integrity) Get string of spaces SPACE (integrity) 86 SPID_INSTANCE_ID (spid) Get instance ID by spid 87 SQUARE (exp) Get square SQUARE (exp) 88 SQRT (num) Get square root SQRT (num) 89 STR_REPLACE (s, sub, r) Replace substring REPLACE (s, sub, r) 90 STRTOBIN (exp) Convert string to hexadecimal 91 STUFF (exp, start, len, rep) Replace characters in string STUFF (exp, start, len, rep) 92 SUBSTRING (exp, pos, len) Get a substring of exp SUBSTRING (exp, pos, len) 93 SUSER_ID (exp) Get the server user’s ID SUSER_ID (exp) 94 SUSER_NAME (exp) Get the server user’s name SUSER_NAME (exp) 95 TAN (num) Get tangent TAN (num) 96 TEXTPTR (exp) Get pointer that conform to LOB TEXTPTR (exp) 97 TEXTVALID (exp, pointer) Check validity of a pointer TEXTVALID (exp, pointer) 98 TO_UNICHAR (int) Convert int to Unicode character CONVERT (NVARCHAR, int) 99 TSEQUAL (value1, value2) Compare two timestamp values value1 = value2 100 UHIGHSURR (exp, start) Check for higher part of surrogate pair 101 ULOWSURR (exp, start) Check for lower part of surrogate pair 102 UPPER (string) Uppercase string UPPER (string) 103 USCALAR (exp) Get Unicode code of exp UNICODE (exp) 104 USER Get the current user SYSTEM_USER 105 USER_ID ([user_name]) Get user ID USER_ID ([user_name]) 106 USER_NAME ([user_id]) Get user name USER_NAME ([user_id]) 107 XMLEXTRACT (xpath, exp) Extract data 108 XMLPARSE (exp) Parse document 109 XMLREPRESENTATION (exp) Check for content 110 XMLVALIDATE (exp) Get with information 111 YEAR (date) Extract year from date YEAR (date)