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How to plant an orange tree

Plant an orange tree (Citrus sinensis) - this is how it works step by step

Orange trees belong to the citrus family and are found in tropical and subtropical climates around the world. Although our latitudes can only have little sun, it is relatively easy to plant orange trees here, too, if certain guidelines are observed. Note that due to the lack of sun and warmth, these oranges never reach the sweetness we are used to. In return, they delight us all year round with fragrant, white flowers. Below are instructions for planting and caring for a Citrus sinensis:

1 You have two options for purchasing an orange tree: Either you buy it or you plant the seeds yourself. All you need is a few kernels of the orange and press them 1-2 centimeters deep into the ground.

For faster growth, a foil can be placed over the plant or the seeds (greenhouse effect!). When the plant has reached a size of 10 centimeters, the foil can be removed and the plant can be repotted.

2 The container in which your orange tree will find its new home should be filled with garden soil or potting soil. Note that this soil is permeable to air, loose and not alkaline.

3 Find a location for your offspring. Citrus sinensis feels good in warm, sunny places. In winter, a bright, cool room with a temperature of 8 ° C-10 ° C is sufficient.

4 In summer the tree can be put in the garden. Your sapling should overwinter indoors to protect it from frost. Never plant the tree in the garden. He wouldn't survive winter.

5 Water the orange tree so that the substrate is not completely soaked. However, the root must never dry out.

6 Use liquid fertilizer.

7 In spring, shoots that are too long should be cut to 1/3 of their length.

With loving care, your orange tree will bear the first fruits after about 10 years.

8 Water little in winter, do not fertilize and ventilate the wintering room on frost-free days.

[The picture is from - via Flickr - thank you very much]