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Bi-outing? Harry Styles most discussed guest at Met Gala

Harry Styles (25) 'appearance at this year's Met Gala is causing speculation. The musician strolled across the pink carpet of the charity event in a transparent lace blouse, high heels and an earring. He stood out clearly from the ranks of men who had mostly appeared in suits. Many fans are therefore once again making wild theories about the singer's sexuality. So it's no wonder Harry was the number one topic at the event.

On the official Instagram-Account of the Met Gala is a photo of the former One Direction star released. In the comments, users speculate whether this style is proof of homosexuality or bisexuality on the part of the singer. "Definitely gay" or "Maybe that's why all of his relationships failed," wrote users, for example. The riddle still remains unsolved. But at least the "Sweet Creature" interpreter provides a lot of talking point with his outfit. According to the fashion portal Lyst Harry was the most talked about celebrity of the evening on Sunday.

It's not the first time that the 25-year-old confuses his fans. As early as 2017, the question arose whether Harry might be bisexual. At that time he explained in an interview with The Sun: "Everyone should just be who they want to be. Nobody should have to justify themselves to other people in this regard."

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