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  • EXPAND YOUR ANALOG INPUTS: DSI adapters are compatible with every Dewesoft amplifier with a DSUB9 analog input, regardless of the product family. They fit the SIRIUS DAQ system, KRYPTON DAQ module, MINITAURs or DEWE-43 DAQ instrument.
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY WITH TEDS: All DSI adapters are equipped with TEDS technology for automatic sensor detection and plug-and-play configuration. Simply connect the sensor to the DSI adapter and the DSI adapter to one of our DSUB-9 analog inputs and the scaling, units, calibration data, etc. will be automatically set for you.
  • COMPACT AND ROBUST: For a reliable connection, the entire electronics are integrated in a small and robust DSUB-9 aluminum housing with screw connections.


The versatile DSI®-Adapters transform every Dewesoft analog input with DSUB9 connection into a universal analog input, which can record a wide variety of signals from DMS, IEPE / ICP, thermocouples, LVDT, RTD, current and voltage sensors with up to ± 200 V.

DSI adapters are automatically recognized by the integrated TEDS sensor chip (IEEE 1451.4) and all settings are read into the DewesoftX DAQ software.

IEPE adapter

DSI adapter for IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) sensors such as acceleration sensors and microphones. A sensor connected to the adapter is automatically recognized using TEDS technology. The following versions of the DSI-ACC adapter are available:

  • DSI-ACC - Supply 4 mA, 21 V with high-pass filter 0.8 Hz
  • DSI-ACC-0.16Hz - Supply 4 mA, 21 V with high-pass filter 0.16 Hz
  • DSI-ACC-20mA - Supply 20 mA, 21 V with high-pass filter 0.8 Hz