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What shall we do today? # 1 - 101 ideas for great things to do and excursions

How often do you ask yourself the question: What are we doing today? - We have the answer! Today we introduce you to the 101 best, coolest & most exciting leisure activities in our opinion that you leave the house for.

Finally a weekend, vacation or public holiday! You and your friends, your partner or your family want to experience something great - but you don't know what. The big question is in the room:What shall we do today?

And there are many answers to this question ... And a decisive switch, which largely depends on the weather, season and mood, is the question that follows: Do we go out or do we stay at home ‘?

Because of this we have the same 2 lists wrote: the following for all leisure activities that one leaves the house for and a second list that answers the question: What are we doing at home today?

Find out what with our lists today the correct answer to the question What shall we do today? is for you!

Tip: If you're looking for tips on the seasons of the year Leisure activities search together with friends, then take a look at our website for the seasons in the search mask. There you will find summer activities, spring activities, autumn activities and winter activities.

What shall we do today? - 101 answers

What are we doing today ... in the city?

What are we doing today ... in the city?

  1. Rise together on a tower or a tall building and enjoy the view
  2. Or take off completely and float over the roofs of your city on a balloon ride
  3. Makes a Shop window stroll and go shopping again
  4. Starts today With Urban gardening
  5. Do a Bike tour through the city, in Berlin e.g. along the Wall Trail
  6. Try a new and funny trend sport (for you) together, e.g. slacklining, piloxing or even crazy crunning
  7. Go togethergo shopping at the weekly market and look for foods that at least one of you has never tried and then cook them
  8. Photo safari: Think about one or more awesome locations, pack a few outfits and a good camera and get started!
  9. Take a trip to the botanical garden - we have 3 unusual tips for you on how your trip to the botanical garden can be unforgettable with a challenge.
  10. Power a picnic in the park or on the riverside
  11. Chill in the park: Simply spread out a blanket or put hammocks between 2 trees
  12. Plays in the park great outdoor throwing games or e.g. Ultimate Frisbee
  13. Take one Outdoor yoga training part
  14. Grill together on the balcony, in the garden or in a designated barbecue area in the park.
  15. ... or organize a real barbecue challenge - it's a lot of fun! 😉
  16. Radiant sun and heat? Get the folding chairs out and get a tan and sizzle! (but please don't forget sunscreen ^^)
  17. Go to the shelter and walks a dog
  18. Do something good: Help e.g. with the distribution of food in a refugee home
  19. Make one together Surprise visit to a mutual friend and brings him something special.
  20. Go on a pub discovery tour through your neighborhood or your city: Try out new pubs or decide, for example, to always go straight ahead and check out the pubs that are on your way.
  21. Take a pub quiz: In many pubs there are regular events such as bingo evenings and quiz evenings that are fun and you can even win something!
  22. Plays in one quaint corner pub Darts or billiards

What are we doing today ... enjoyable?

  1. Relaxed together with oneWellness day in the thermal bath, the sauna or the hammam
  2. Take a beauty day: visits a massage parlor together, goes to the manicure or the hairdresser
  3. Our special insider tip for relaxation: go float together!
  4. Take a trip to Outdoor or indoor swimming pool
  5. Goes extensively brunch
  6. Visit an ice cream parlor you've never been to and try an ice cream you've never eaten. Here are suggestions for 10 exquisite ice cream parlors in Berlin.
  7. Try one unusual restaurant off, e.g. a dark restaurant ...
  8. ... or go to the crime dinner
  9. Be proper: sit in one Bavarian beer garden and orders pretzels, white sausages and good Bavarian beer
  10. Experience real connoisseur dreams while tasting fine whiskey, rum or gin

What are we doing today ... cultural & discovery?

  1. Go back into the Museum! Excuse me, is that boring? With the Museum Challenge, visiting a museum is also fun for children or those who are grumpy about museums!
  2. Go back into the Theatre…
  3. ... or in a musical
  4. ... or in the Opera
  5. Visited a classical concert
  6. ... or a cool one Rock, pop, hip hop, jazz etc. concert
  7. Go into one Party club, until the doctor comes
  8. Visit aVernissage, gallery or art exhibition
  9. Makes a Excursion into history: visits a castle, the city palace or a historical building such as the house where a great poet was born
  10. Visited a planetarium and travels into the vastness of the universe
  11. Go to the zoo
  12. Attends a big one Aquarium
  13. Rummages in flea markets for hidden treasures! For friends with children or for fun with unusual games, you can find our flea market challenge here. You have definitely not explored a flea market like this before! 😉
  14. Visited afestival, a fair or a Street party in your city / region. Especially in summer, special events take place almost every weekend in larger cities such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.
  15. ... and then does our street festival rally there
  16. Cinema under the stars: go toOpen air cinema
  17. Experienced Cinema with a difference and go to a special cinema, e.g. a 3D mega-cinema, a drive-in cinema or a luxury cinema such as the Astor Film Lounges in Berlin, Cologne, Munich or Frankfurt a.M.
  18. Take a short trip to one other citythat none of you know so far - also bookable via mydays
  19. Discover your own city from a whole new perspective on a scavenger hunt for adults
  20. Try one City thriller out
  21. Do a Street Art Tour: in bigger cities you can find art literally on the streets. Well-known artists from the scene like Banksy, for example, also sprayed in Berlin!
  22. Get to know a new side of your city on a thematic tour such as Berlin before the fall of the wall, culinary Berlin, Berlin in the 19th century, etc.
  23. Do a Learn-your-neighborhood-tour or. Get to know-your-city-tour.
  24. Take a night hike through the city, preferably without a fixed destination. Walk paths and bends that you have never walked before and discover unknown streets and places

What are we doing today ... for some great action?

  1. Experience a thrilling indoor adventure with a room escape game
  2. Deliver yourselves at Play paintball an action-packed battle
  3. Play a round Outdoor mini golf
  4. ... or go indoorsBlack light mini golf and immerse yourself in a brightly colored dream world ...
  5. ... or experience one atLaser tag play
  6. Try indoor skydiving / body flying
  7. Goes in one climbing hall bouldering
  8. …or Climbing inHigh ropes course
  9. Ride together Inline skates or go Skating
  10. Go Bowling and makes you feel like Big Lebowski 😉
  11. Explore your city with a CSI training
  12. ... or experience a wholeCrime weekend where you solve a case in a team

What are we doing today ... outdoors in nature?

What are we doing today ... in nature?

  1. Do a Bike tour into the countryside, to a lake, to a place with a beautiful view, etc. Here you will find a checklist for the bike tour with friends, with everything you need for it.
  2. Gocollect berries: Picking strawberries, blueberries or raspberries together (and then preparing)
  3. Or you collects beautiful leaves, flowers and branches and make something out of it at home (tip for a trip with children)
  4. Go mushroom picking: For this leisure activity you should at least recognize great edible mushrooms such as chanterelle and boletus without a doubt. Then mushroom picking is a recreational activity with real culinary highlight!
  5. Do one extensive hike. With these tips hiking with friends is unique!
  6. If you live near a mountain, do one Mountain tour and stop at a rustic mountain hut or alpine pasture
  7. Goes on a natural steep wall outdoor climbing (but only if you have previous experience)
  8. Plant identification on an excursion into nature, e.g. with a free app
  9. Go camping and leave the everyday life of camping behind you
  10. Go swimming together e.g. at a bathing lake, river or sea
  11. Do one Canoe tour
  12. …or one Boat tour with rubber dinghy or rowing boat
  13. Dare to do something and have a lookWildwater Rafting or Canyoninga lot of fun!
  14. Go sailing together or take a sailing course if you can't
  15. Try the water fun blobbing
  16. Are you adrenaline junkies? Maybe today is the day to finally try bungee jumping!
  17. ... or kite sailing
  18. ... or paragliding
  19. Organize oneMotto day. What is that? Here you can find a crazy experience report for the motto day jungle test.
  20. For real outdoor freaks: practice survival camping: how long do you survive without civilization?
  21. Try geocaching, the scavenger hunt with GPS
  22. Do aNight hike in the nature
  23. Spontaneously organize one Party in the countryside with a campfire, stick bread and great food
  24. Try one Barefoot path out or run barefoot in a meadow
  25. Do a forest rally ...
  26. ... or an outdoor fantasy rally, like our Game of Thrones game for fans of the series
  27. Make friendship rings yourself
  28. Go horseback riding, on horses ... or llamas or camels
  29. Experience animals up close, e.g. during huskey trekking
  30. Do a Wine hike
  31. Windy day? Perfect! Let one Kite flying
  32. Let yourself roll through the landscape while zorbing
  33. Visit a stalactite cave or even do the right thing Cave trekking

You're still wondering: What are we doing away from home today? At Adventure Friendship you will find a lot of ideas for spending your free time together: check out activities with friends, activities for two or activities with children, depending on what you're looking for! 🙂

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