What color is the love movie soundtrack

What color is love

Color of the bride

But white is also the color of mourning and death. At least in China. In Egypt it symbolizes happiness and joy. In contrast, people also feel a great emptiness when looking at the color White.
Physically, white represents the sum of all colors and since white has no negative influence at all, it is the most perfect color. Brides wear white because it represents a willingness to change.

Fairy tale saying:

"If I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as ebony." (Snow White)

Color of being in love

We humans associate green with spring, with fertile meadows and first falling in love - hurray, spring is here!
Furthermore stands green for relaxation and hope, for lucky leaves, but also bile and poison. It also stands for assertiveness, freshness, perseverance and youthfulness. A good basis for a relationship are “green” qualities such as helpfulness, patience and tolerance.

Love saying:

"Green eyes, frog nature, no trace of love".

Color of love

With the color red one associates immediately - well what? - the color of love, passion and the liquid of life, the blood.

In psychotherapy, the color red is used to act out sexuality to strengthen. Red is also the color of fire, joie de vivre, emotions and life energy. It is the strongest of all colors. It touches the depths of our soul, but also triggers aggression, anger and readiness to use violence when there is too much red. In China, red means luck and fortune, in Japan, red is the color of women.

Scary saying:

"I would give my last drop of blood to save her."

Color of loyalty

Blue is one of the most popular colors for both women and men. It is deep and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Too much blue but also creates addictive behavior and depression - very bad indications for a marriage. They are offset by positive traits like kindness, courage, and loyalty.
Blue is ideal for reducing inner peace, stress and hectic pace. It loosens muscles and nervous cramps, so the heart can relax again. The Chinese associate this color as a symbol of the powers of heaven and immortality.

Loyalty saying:

"There are three loyal friends: an old wife, an old dog, and easy money."
(Benjamin Franklin)

The color of the sun

Yellow is the color of the sun, brightness and light. She is often called gold shown. In our latitude, the color yellow is only relatively popular, as it often also represents envy, betrayal and cowardice. Despite everything, this color is said to have a protective effect in many cultures, including in India where the brides torn yellow clothes wear to drive away evil spirits.
But yellow is also good for people who are lost in thought, forgetful and unimaginative. In Hinduism, the color yellow stands for life, light, truth and immortality.

Poetry saying:

"Do it like the sundial, just count the good hours."
(from the poetry album)

Snow White Black

Black is the color of sadness and negative feelings. It can make you lonely and melancholy. But it is also the color of dignity and elegance. Not to forget, it also bestows Sex appeal, think of that "Little black one".  

The big sister is white. Great importance has been attributed to the siblings from the beginning of mankind, as they embody the principles of light and darkness, good and evil, life and death, love and suffering.

Separation saying:

"Don't cry because it's over, but smile because it was nice."