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The Black Brothers

Title: The Black Brothers

Author: Lisa Tetzner

Number of pages: 484

ISBN: none

Published by Thalia Verlag

Type: Older but very good story


The story is about a Ticino boy (Ticino is in Switzerland) whose name was Giorgio. He lived with his family and grandmother, whom they called "Nonna", high up in the mountains. They were fine. Giorgio had good friends and it was there that he had a wonderful childhood. But one day a man came by. He was known as "The Man With the Scar". He bought up small, supple Ticino boys to sell to chimney sweepers. He also came to see Giorgio's father. He offered 30 francs for half a year. But the father was indignant: “I'm not selling my boy! Plus for only 30 francs! ". "Good," said the man. “I'll be back in a year. Then you will need the money ”. Giorgio's father didn't take it seriously. But the man seemed to be right. At first 2 goats died. Then there was no good harvest because a wild boar had eaten everything away from them. That was a big blow. But everything was still bearable except for one thing: It was no longer raining. It not only stopped raining for 2-3 days, no, for months! With the animals you had to go up very high to get a little more grass. Every now and then there was a fire because of the heat. It was very bad. To make matters worse, Giorgio's mother sprained her foot and became very ill. They needed money for the doctor, but it wasn't there. At that time the year was up and the man with the scar came by again. This time he only offered 20 francs. The father shouted: “No way!” Then the host, who was present, said: “Think of your wife! “Giorgio's father was in a bind. He didn't want to sell Giorgio at any price, but what would happen to his wife if he didn't call a doctor? With a heavy heart he agreed. But he wouldn't get the money until the boys arrived in Milan.

The next morning it started to rain. The long, long-awaited rain. At last. All the farmers were happy and thanked God. Giorgio's father stood in the rain and was happy. Giorgio came out, he now had to go to Lugano, where the man with the scar would be waiting for him. Suddenly the father's face darkened. He said goodbye to his son. Giorgio didn't seem to mind leaving. But it only seemed that way. At no cost did he want to admit that it was difficult for him. "It's for the mother," he tried to encourage himself and ran off. After walking for a while he got hungry and caught a trout with another boy. As they ate, they wondered what the name was. The boy's name was Alfredo. To Giorgio's great astonishment, he could even read and write! He seemed to come from a wealthy family. “Why does someone like that go to Milan as a chimney sweep?” Alfredo said: “I can only tell you the reason why I'm going to Milan there.” But now they had to hurry. Soon they came to Lugano. How they were amazed !!!! They had never seen such a big city! Suddenly the man with the scar came and took her to a shed where many other boys were lying.

It was a long and arduous journey. They had to travel the last part by boat. Suddenly a storm came up. The boat sank! Alfredo and Giorgio were able to save themselves, the others drowned. Alfredo and Giorgio also saved the man with the scar. The man with the scar gave them a wish, but he brought them to Milan. Of course they weren't happy there that he had only brought 2 boys instead of 20. That's why the boys became more expensive. Alfredo came to a very malicious man, Giorgio's master was rather good-natured. Giorgo did not like the work, but the master was kind. Master was all the more angry. She was what you understand by a bitch. She always took out her anger on Giorgio. Master also had a boy, Anselmo, whom she spoiled and pampered. Anselmo was very much against Giorgio. He was a member of a gang that always annoyed Giorgo. One day Giorgo went to Alfredo. He took him into a gang that fought against "The Wolves", as the enemy gang was called. Alfredo was one of the leaders of this military force. The gang was called: "The Black Brothers". Giorgo was included in it. There were many fights between the “Black Brothers” and “The Wolves”. When Anselmo came home bloody, he said it was Giorgio. Of course, Giorgio had the master against him twice.

The Wolves and the Black Brothers were reconciled, thanks to Giorgio. But the Black Brothers still had to sweep chimneys. Giorgio was back at work. He had to sweep a fireplace in a rich house that was having a party. The smoke was so strong that he passed out. The doctor was taken away from the company. Giorgio regained consciousness with good treatment. The doctor, who was himself a Ticino, learned that Giorgio was also a little Ticino. From then on, he went to see Master's house, gave her money so that she could take good care of him, and when he was well again, he bought him nice clothes.

Alfredo was terminally ill. Giorgio visited him as often as he could. On his last visit, Alfredo Giorgio told the whole story. He was born in a rich home. He had a sister named Bianca. Suddenly, however, the mother died, and shortly afterwards, out of sheer desperation, the father too. They went to their aunt, but she tricked them to get their wealth. She even wanted to poison them! So they ran away to a strange farmer. He lived in Roveredo. He wanted to keep Bianca, but he gave Alfredo to Milan. In the end Alfredo asked: “Go to my sister, tell her about my death, take her home with you and take care of her future. Here, take my letter and this bag as proof that you came from me. ”Giorgio swore it and left his friend. A few days later he learned that Alfredo had died. They buried him in the cheapest place in the cemetery.

A couple of chimney sweeps decided to flee. Giorgio wasn't there. But then he had such a row with Master that he too fled. Antonio and Dante fled with him. It was a very, very long and arduous escape. Her goal was the doctor. After much persecution, they finally got to him. It was a long way. You were warmly welcomed. Every boy was given the opportunity to either go home or learn a trade. Nobody wanted to go home, not even Giorgio. He thought of Nunna's words: “Don't come home until you have become something!” When they had settled in to some extent, they went to see Bianca. It was quite a way to Roveredo. When they arrived, the son of the doctor, who had become Giorgio's friend, said: "I'll go to the pastor quickly, you are going alone in the meantime." First Giorgio saw some children. He asked her about Bianca. Then he saw her. A petite, slim girl in a blue skirt. He handed her the letter. The girl only read the first sentence: "Dear Bianca, if Giorgio gives you this letter, I will be dead a long time." With an outcry, Bianca dropped the letter and ran into the house. The farmer came out angrily: "What are you doing to scare Bianca like that!" He shouted. Fortunately, the pastor just came with Giorgio's friend and cleared up any misunderstandings. Giorgo said to Bianca: "Come to Doctor Caselli tomorrow at 9:00 am." The next morning everyone was excited. Would she come? She came. From now on she lived with the doctor. She settled in well.

9 years later. A young man rides up the mountain in the company of his wife. Who are you? Giorgio and Bianca. They are now married. Now they want to go to Sonogno, Giorgio's home, which he had not seen in a long time. He will be the new teacher. First they stopped at the grotto tavern. He wanted to find out how his home was doing. "The parents are still alive," he was told. “By the way, you have 3 new siblings!” He was told. Everywhere people were happy to see "their Giorgio" again. But Giorgio wanted to go to his parents' house as soon as possible. How would he be greeted?


A very good book! Lisa Tetzner vividly tells the story of the Black Brothers, which is based on true events. She had found old records of chimney sweepers and wrote the story on them. BRAVO, LISA TETZNER!


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