How to Unlock a Perfect Cash Account

Cell phone blocked due to family link. How can I unlock my phone without my parents noticing?

I am 13 years old and I have the Family link app on my mobile phone (Huawei Mate 20 Lite). I can only use my cell phone for 30 minutes a day, then it locks.

in locked mode I can only make calls. If I swipe from top to bottom, I cannot open this menu with the important things e.g. WiFi, flight mode, helichkeit etc. (you think I know what I mean)

And I actually find 30 minutes a little little. So I want to find a way to unlock my phone.

Another reason is because I want to call friends from Germany, but I come from Austria, so I can not make calls on the normal phone but only on WhatsApp, but unfortunately that does not work because my cell phone is locked. So it can be that my cell phone locks in the middle of the call and I don't get any advance warning. When it is locked, I cannot take WhatsApp calls. I also can't tell that my cell phone is locked and I have to wait for the next day and that's annoying.

But I don't want to delete the app either because it will list my parents. I cannot download apps or enter sites.

Until now I've always snuck down at night and unlocked my cell phone, but that's risky.

Hope someone can help me

Lg :-)