Eminem when it rains it pours meaning

Beautiful German translation
of Eminem

should be ours in 2012
Sinking earth ?.

Before I sink before the fall of our largest earth or otherwise how to die, I want to tear my heart around world history again and say goodnight to the objects and unfortunately freeze back from Therefore Bye.

How come those old horrible Maya freaks dares to ignore us now What have we just done to you? You seem real like Oliver Kahn just like a swan ).

Sorry that I say it like that, but I could shit Maya Freak's full in your face. What have we done to you (yes, Oliver Kahn, just as a swan).

You screwed up like that man I say one thing and I'll do that exactly yes

(Shit in your face yes shit exactly yes shit).

(Yes, exactly shit).

That came out of my mouth for what yes it had given you Why Ey do I really have to say (Mmmmmaaaaayyyyyaaaaa´´´´´sssss Mmootthheerr Ffuucckkeerr´´).

2012 is our
Earth perish ?.

Before I Prior to the demise of our greatest earth sinking, death or otherwise, with my heart Will I still break times to world history and the things yet to say goodnight And unfortunately plays back from frost So Bye.

Just how are these horrible old Maya Freak's eaves to us to ignore Now What Have We Done For You Only Just before you come real early, as Oliver Kahn A swan Yes Just Like That (So yes exactly so) (echo) (Yes Exactly how ).

Sorry, the way I say it, but I shit you could Mayan Freak's Full Cumshot What Have We Done For you (yes Exactly Oliver Kahn Only) As a swan.

Have you built so shit man I tell The One And I Will Take That Yes

You (Yes Just Cumshot shit shit shit yes).

(Yes Exactly) shit.

Yes, the comb from my mouth for what you Yes It Was Given Ey Why Do I (a real Mmmmm aaaaa yyyyy aaaaa & # 039; & # 03 9; & # 0 39; & # 039 ; & # 039; Mmootthheerr Ffuucckkeerr say '').