Super Pokemon Rumble how to reset the game

Super Pokémon Rumble

From yoshi777 (70):

Toys, there are tens of thousands of them, but are they all good? I mean, kids are always whining around and these toys always break very quickly, which is very annoying!
But is that really the case with all toys? Are there toys that make every child's heart beat faster? Yes indeed there is! However, Nintendo only put it on the Christmas shelves in December last year so that all children have great toys during the Christmas season!

But what toys are we talking about? From the Pokémon, of course! You can just raise them to your heart's content and make fights with them and also just romp around with them, just as you like! While you are playing with your Pokémon, Pokémon that are becoming more and more difficult and more exciting locations await you! But everything is, of course, made very child-friendly and the game itself is also easy! Well, they can't be that brutal, after all, they're all just wind-up toys! But now I would like to say something about the experience of the Pokémon and their charisma!

Story: Warning, the light dew has disappeared! Rumor has it that the villain Rostinero stole the light dew, but is that really true? You have to find out and with many other Pokémon you will go on a wonderful journey of discovery through five whole towns and many colorful arenas! The whole adventure begins with Pikachu, but it will never end, because there is still a lot to do after the story! And the good thing is that your toys will never get boring or break!

Graphics: The charisma is great, the locations catch the eye, it's just wonderful! The graphics are never more loving, they are more such a fascinating mixture of art and great doodles!

Conclusion: I give it a 1 because everything is just great and at least these toys won't break!

The atmosphere:
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