How to use head cleaner poppers drug


I would also like to share my experiences with poppers here. I received a bottle of "Rush" from a gay friend (but I am hetero myself). I have to say that I only used poppers for self-satisfaction, which I like to practice very extravagantly. When it comes to sex, I imagine it to be much too cumbersome. I can also imagine that someone might look at you crookedly. On the other hand, I have never had or thought about it during sex, and I find it superfluous.


Application: You sniff the bottle. Although I have to say that I did this very carefully. I have always used it under the influence of a little alcohol (2-3 beers). The alcohol acts like a multiplier. So you need a lot less. Without alcohol, I didn't feel much in the crowd. I also noticed how a tolerance built up. After sniffing 3-4 times, I had to inhale deeper and longer to get the same effect. I don't know exactly whether I was really more sensitive to light the day after or whether I just imagined it based on the reports here.

Effect: So the effect is very clearly noticeable and lasts for about 1-3 minutes. The heart beats faster, the temples throb at times. In addition, you clearly notice how the blood pressure drops and you only focus on one thing;). But it is not that poppers make you horny - it simply increases the existing horniness extremely. So as a pure aphrotisiac it is really not to be used. I bought the bottle, however, also for the reason to test it against my existing tinnitus, since it relaxes the smooth muscles. - nothing happens here. This is just as present in the "application" as before.

End of story: I threw the half-full bottle in the trash yesterday and won't get any more for 2 reasons:

1. I noticed how I slowly but steadily wanted to have what it takes to get hotter. I even dreamed about it once and that scares me a little. I wouldn't find that so bad, however, at point 2.

2. Just by the smell you can tell - that cannot be healthy. It smells very chemical. In addition, I am afraid of the consequential damage already discussed here (vitreous opacity, yellow spot in the visual acuity, etc.). My eyesight is too valuable for me to permanently destroy it because of a few seconds of ecstasy. It's just not worth it.

I have now invested just under 6 euros for this experience. It was interesting - but I knew from the start that it would be the first and last bottle.