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Titan - its special features clearly explained for laypeople

The element titanium is likely to have gained some fame due to its possible uses, which are widely used in industry. But what are the special features that actually make this so-called transition metal so valuable?

The deposits of titanium

  • The term titanium initially describes a chemical element that belongs to the transition metals.
  • In the public discourse, the metal is considered valuable and rare. However, this is only partially correct.
  • The rarity is due to extraction issues, not actual availability.
  • Because although titanium has a very frequent occurrence within the earth's crust, the deposits are characterized only by low concentrations of the respective oxide compounds.
  • Of course, this also has an effect on the price. This increases again through a complex processing process, which is due to the special features of the element.

Special features of the element

  • As an element of the transition metals, titanium itself has some special features, such as an increased melting and boiling point due to its crystal structure.
  • This high resistance to temperature makes processing correspondingly more expensive.
  • It should also be noted that the metal is very light as well as strong and elastic at the same time, which, especially in connections with steel - even if the titanium content is only a hundredth or tenth of a percent - ensures significantly increased strength.
  • Another good property of the pure element is its good electrical conductivity and, at the same time, its low thermal conductivity and / or its low expansion when exposed to heat.
  • Finally, an essential point to be mentioned is the resistance to corrosion. This also ensures good application possibilities in areas such as shipping, especially in relation to seawater, for example.

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