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Who lives in the earth? - Earthworm finger play

Text: Aline Kurt
Image: © aomeditor / GettyImages

Info on earthworm finger play

  • from 3 years
  • Duration: 10 minutes


This is how the earthworm finger game works

Draw a face on the tip of the index finger for the children. This finger is the little earthworm that girls and boys use to play with their fingers.

Earthworm finger play

I am a little earthworm
Extend your index finger

defy sun, wind and storm.
Shape a sun with your hands, then blow more carefully, then more vigorously

My house is deep in the ground
Form a triangle over your head

I go in and out there all the time.
Stretch your index finger up and down several times

When rain drips on the earth
Gently tap the tabletop with your fingers

it's like knocking on me
Gently tap the tabletop with your fist

Then I crawl out of the house
Extend your index finger

that looks funny to some.
Move your index finger back and forth

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