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Valuable groundwork

A musician takes the risk of looking for a new ideological home after serious political disappointments.

by Jens Fischer Rodrian, first published on Rubikon-News

Jens Fischer Rodrian has joined a party. Unusual for him, because he had always wanted to remain independent. The more recent events, in particular the far-reaching failure of the left-green camp in the Corona crisis, have driven him into political homelessness. Bitterness and political ineffectiveness, however, were not options. The composer, guitarist and songwriter (“The Armada of the Insane”) joined the newly founded party “dieBasis”, which emerged from the “Corona skeptics” milieu, which claims to be a party of freedom, civil rights and participation. Without a doubt, the base represents a color in the party landscape that is sorely lacking in this time forgotten about freedom. It is an experiment that can succeed or go wrong for various reasons. It is all the more important to have someone “on site” who takes a benevolent but not uncritical look at it.

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