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You have to consider this when buying a hedge trimmer

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Cordless, electric and petrol hedge trimmers

In the case of tall hedges, maintaining the hedge with a manual hedge trimmer is no longer sufficient. This is where the cordless, electric or petrol hedge trimmers are used. When buying such a hedge trimmer, you should always pay attention to the following:

  1. The knives of the sword should be sharpened on both sides.
  2. The sword length should correspond to the width of the hedge.
  3. Pay attention to the specified cutting thickness. The information is usually in millimeters and corresponds to the maximum branch thickness.
  4. Safety circuit and quick stop function are essential and should definitely be part of the equipment of a hedge trimmer.
  5. Pay attention to the existing GS mark (tested safety).

Before you decide on a type (cordless, electric or petrol hedge trimmer), think about the work the hedge trimmer has to handle. Especially with thick branches and very high, wide hedges, you should check whether a cordless or electric hedge trimmer is sufficient.

Wired electric hedge trimmers

A wired electric hedge trimmer is more suitable for the small garden. With this type of hedge trimmer, you can easily and quickly cut smaller shrubs, hedges and bushes. Electric hedge trimmers can also handle somewhat thicker branches with ease. The disadvantage is that you have to be careful not to cut the cable while you are working. If you have a large garden, the cable of the hedge trimmer is usually no longer sufficient. In this case, you need to extend the cable using a cable drum.

Battery operated hedge trimmers

To avoid fiddling with the power cable, there are also battery-operated hedge trimmers. The disadvantage is that the service life is limited and the cutting performance is rather low. Nevertheless, a cordless hedge trimmer also offers some advantages. This gives you better freedom of movement than with a wired hedge trimmer. The low weight also makes it easier to work, especially with high hedges and long periods of work.

It is nevertheless very important that you make sure when buying that the performance of the cordless hedge trimmer corresponds to the intended use. Because if you have thick branches, cordless hedge trimmers can quickly reach their limits.

Petrol powered hedge trimmers

Gasoline-powered hedge trimmers make sense for working on large properties, in parks and in agriculture and forestry. The advantages of the petrol hedge trimmers are:

  • optimal freedom of movement
  • strong engine power
  • higher performance when shearing
  • fast work
  • can be used indefinitely
  • flexible working

But petrol hedge trimmers don't just have advantages. Also consider the disadvantages when buying:

  • greater weight
  • the volume
  • high maintenance effort

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