How to get orthrus persona 4 fusion

role playing game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (PS2)

First of all: A very good review, even if the point "Gameplay" is too long!

Then I also want to hand over my mustard:

First of all I want to say: I think P4 is a lot better than P3 ... But since it is the other way around to Doresh (P4 already through, P3 not yet), it COULD change ... but I do not assume that P4 is one of my favorite games!

So: Story is awesome in my eyes ... As it is written: A thriller beyond compare Especially all the story turns ... I would say that the ending is so exciting ... I love it!

I was also shocked to find that in P3 - in contrast to P4 - you could control the other group members. I mean ... where else can you get something like that today? xD And with the bosses in P4 it is sometimes really impossible to do otherwise if you couldn't control the others ... (I remind you of the boss in the sauna: Without Dekukaja (or whatever the debuff saying is called ), I would not have made it ...)
I also think the other changes in the "rough" gameplay are good and correct, and represent a big step towards the better. Getting out of a fight with 1HP is not exactly that bad and is no longer unusual nowadays ...

In terms of daily planning, however, a step backwards has been taken ...
The fact that after school you have to decide whether you want to go into the TV world or rather take care of your S. links is not exactly nice ... And - as Doresh wrote - because it also gives you advantages for If you get the fight, you concentrate first of all on the links with your fellow combatants ... Which is a shame when you consider the very interesting stories of the other link partners!

Finally about the sound ... (I could go on for HOURS - I wanted to snap the review away from Doresh first; D - but then my comment will be at least as long as the review ^^ ")
The soundtrack is DAMN "catchy" ... Got me hooked right from the start! I can't describe it exactly ... the best thing to do is take a look at youtube ... I always like to hear it!

sooo ... another little question for the others ...
Is "he" really gay? I actually have the feeling that this is not the case ... ._. "