How to find aix os version

VIOS update:

1. create backup:
    VIO Operating System(device mappings will be backed up as well?)
    backupios -file / mnt / backup <- this will create nim_reources.tar file (in this are an mksysb, a spot dir ...)
    backupios -file / mnt / backup -mksysb <- this will create only an mksysb

For NIM restore these are needed on NIM server:
-create a resource from the mksysb (smitty nim -> administration -> resources -> define ...)
-create a spot resource from the mksysb (smitty nim -> administration -> resources -> define ... -> source will be the mksysb)

    Device configurations(Logical Devices, Virtual Devices, Device Attributes):
(On 1.3.2 did not work)
    viosbr -backup -file / mnt / vio / vios1_devicebackup <- creates a backup
    viosbr -view -file backup_1.tar.gz <- view in the backup file

(viosbr is needed if we restore to a different server. For the same server, backupios should be enough, as it contains mappings ...)
(For restore: viosbr -restore ....)

    savevgstruct <- saves other vgs
    restorevgstruct <- resore vgs to empty disk

lsmap -all, lsmap -all -net, lsmap -all -npiv ...
.profile file

2. remove interim fixes:
    # oem_setup_env <- from the VIOS command line
    # emgr -P <- list installed efix's (by label)
   # emgr -r -L <- for each additional fix listed, run to remove

3. do the update (as padmin)
    $ mount remote_machine: directory / mnt <- mount the remote directory onto the Virtual I / O Server
    $ updateios -commit <- commit previous updates, by running the updateios command
    $ updateios -accept -dev / mnt <- for updates -install is not needed
($ updateios -accept -install -dev / mnt <- this will install new filesets as well)
    $ ioslevel <- verify update (it should indicate: ioslevel is now V1.5.2.1-FP-11.1)
    $ shutdown -restart <- to load all changes, reboot the VIOS as user padmin