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Hey guys! My friend Mela and I did this FanFic together. A collaborative effort, so to speak. Whereby my talent cannot be assessed quantitatively ^^.
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But ATTENTION: If you don't know part 4 of the series and don't want to spoil the tension, then: Read at your own risk!

Note: © The characters and the world described belong to K.M. Moning.

One thing I've learned in all the time since my life has changed radically: It always turns out differently than expected.
I would never have thought that I would never see my sister Alina again - at least not alive - when she got on the plane that was to take her to Ireland, where she wanted to study for a while.
But that's exactly how it turned out.
I never would have thought that I would go on a campaign of revenge against her killer, in which I would get into a world that contradicted everything that I had known or known up until then.
But that was exactly what happened again.
Life seems to be just the same: you stumble from one catastrophe to the next. And to be honest, I think I'm a magnet for anything remotely called disaster. But no matter how bad it gets, you can't give up hope. If you fall, you have to get up again - because if you don't, then you are lost.
My name is MacKayla Lane and I am a Sidhe seer. I perceive the fairy beings where normal people fail. And that's a good thing, because - and I have to destroy any illusion that one might get with this word - there are no fairy tale fairies like that. These beings have their own kind of camouflage, the glamor, which they use both as protection from human gaze and as a weapon. What exactly does that mean? I'll come back to that later. But one thing should be said: Until recently, I had no idea that my perfect, ideal world is not so perfect after all. Laughs at me, but until recently I was a real Barbie who only had pretty clothes on her head and loved rainbows and pink nail polish. But since the death of my sister, the trigger for my world to collapse and my eyes (finally) to be opened, I have learned to concentrate on the essentials. And I can tell you: nail polish is definitely not one of them.
After I flew to Dublin after Alina's death, there was only one thing in the beginning that kept me on my feet: revenge. As long as I could get back at my sister's killer, I didn't care. But now it's about a lot more than just that.
Not only did I really start to love Dublin - the city that for me should only be associated with negative memories - no; it is about the survival of humanity. Because since the walls between the human world and that of the fairies fell, there is no longer a place where one is still safe. Now the world is haunted by the dark fairies, the Unseelie, who know no other goal than to deprive the few people who have survived, in one way or another, of their vitality.
And no matter how you do it - it never happens in a pleasant way. You cannot imagine it as a gentle slumbering or a completely painless death, the way everyone would like to leave when their time comes. No, this death is unexpected and painful. The fairies mingle with humans by giving themselves a human form with the help of their glamor. And that's their way of hunting. The gray man, for example, robs his victims of their beauty and feeds on it; After they have grown old and gray very quickly, he looks for them again and feeds on the depressions they fall into, in order to rob them of the last bit of strength that they have left, until they are finally to die.
On the other hand, outward appearances are completely irrelevant to the multi-responsible monster. It lives up to its name and goes on a kind of hunt that I would rather not imagine in detail.
In short, Rhino boys are just plain stupid. They are the loyal footmen of the LM (which I will talk about in a moment), also ugly (surprise!), Slimy and stinky. This makes it all the more difficult for me to admit that I ate their meat. And that more often than not. But when there is a need, you have to do what you have to do. I'm not proud of it because unseelie meat is addictive, but it gives a person supernatural powers and speeds wound healing. That would list some of the most important ones - but wait, there is something worse. Because none of them are against the shadows or the hunters.
In a matter of seconds, the shadows suck all life out of a person wandering unsuspectingly in the dark. He doesn't even have the time to blink, let alone call for help, which frankly would be too late anyway. All that remains is a pile of clothes and something that looks like parchment but is human skin; the part that the shadows cannot digest.
And the hunters are winged monsters that have hunted Sidhe seers in the most cruel ways for millennia.
The worst part is, there are only two weapons you can use to kill a faerie. The Sword of Light, which is currently in the possession of my friend Dani (also a Sidhe seer, who has become like a sister to me and with the only one you can talk to - more on that later)) and the spear of the Destiny, my weapon of choice. I also have a rare gift: I'm a Lun, which means that I can temporarily paralyze fairies when I touch them. But, of course, all of this is by far not enough. The fairy beings are in the majority, since two thirds of the world's population have been wiped out by them since the fall of the ramparts.
We're dying out - or at least that's going to happen if nobody does something about it. It seems that salvation can only be found through the Sinsar Dubh. It is the only way to restore everything to its normal state. - Well, that sounds easy, but there is a little catch: The dark book, personally written by the Unseelie King, is the worst of the four Unseelie sanctuaries. You have to risk your head and neck to get at it, because it corrupts anyone who gets too close. And I know what I'm talking about, believe me. The evil that emanates from it is almost unbearable.
Then there is the Seelie Queen Aiobheal, of whom I have no idea how she fits into all of this - and just like the Unseelie King long before her, she suddenly seems to have disappeared without a trace after the walls fell. Nobody knows where she is currently.
To explain: It rules over the bright fairies - but unfortunately that doesn't say much about the Seelie, because they are no less dangerous than the Unseelie. Less deadly, yes, but no less dangerous.
I've also learned that: never trust a fairy creature.
However, so far I've generally had problems deciding who to trust.
First of all, there are the Sidhe seers who, like me, can see the fairies and want to fight them. Unfortunately they are led by Rowena, the Grand Master of the Order, who doesn't miss a chance to portray me as the enemy.
Well, it might look that way to outsiders, because when I arrived in Dublin I had no idea of ​​my abilities and knew nothing about Seelie or Unseelie. And in my ignorance it almost cost me my life when I looked at these beings with big eyes because I thought I was hallucinating. And then there is V’lane, a Seelie prince, who hired me, so to speak, on behalf of the Queen to give him information about the Sinsar Dubh. Because I'm the only one who can track down the sanctuaries (another of those more or less useful skills), like a radar screen. However, every time it causes me a slight headache to excruciating nausea, depending on which of the objects it is.
If you'd like to describe V’lane briefly and accurately, the easiest way would be to call him a death-by-sex fairy creature. My first encounter with him was pretty weird, because with the help of his great skills he made me stand in front of him in underwear without my even realizing how it had come about. Fortunately, I am now immune to his powers. But even that was only possible because the four Unseelie princes made me a pri-ya - that is, in plain English, I was addicted to being touched by a fairy being. And I mean really addicted. When fairies make a person pri-ya, that person turns into a mindless nymphomaniac who is interested in nothing more than the satisfaction of his physical needs. It is terrible - and there is little chance of recovering from this condition. As far as I know, I'm the first person to be known to have made it.
But apparently the Seelie want the same thing as we do: get rid of the Unseelie and restore balance. This means the following: The Unseelie were gradually able to escape from the prison in which they had been locked thousands of years ago. And when the walls fell on Halloween, fun was finally over. If we want to even remotely ensure the survival of humanity, then they must be relegated back to where they came from as quickly as possible. - The only problem with V’lane is that he acts in a way from which he can make the most profit. This means that he is not particularly reliable as a business partner. His fickle manner and the fact that people are unworthy creatures to him that he can crush with two fingers don't necessarily make him someone who would be easily trusted, regardless of the fact that he is a fae.
Another piece on the chessboard is Darroc (or the Lord Master, LM for short, as he likes to call himself), of whom I am sure that he has my sister on his conscience, even if he consistently denies it. After all, it is his fault that the walls could only fall on Halloween. At least I think so. He was once a member of the Seelie Court and was then condemned to live as a human for trying to overthrow the Queen. And under the circumstances, how should I not suspect him when he is in common with the Unseelie?
I don't know what he did to ensure that the Celtar druid ritual failed or was inadequate - in order not to violate the pact between humans and fairies, the druids must perform the rituals that keep the wards intact - but he apparently planned everything that way. And then there is the fact that Christian MacKeltar, a kind of walking lie detector, told me that he, his uncles and Barrons - my "mentor", if you can call him that - wanted to conjure up something that would prevent the catastrophe should that this evocation failed. Christian and his uncles are the said druids, who live in Scotland. And the fact that the walls fell wasn't the only thing that went wrong in their ritual. Whatever they wanted to call now - Christian and Barrons were drawn into the world of mirrors because Christian interrupted the spell in the middle of the summoning due to doubts about the correctness of their plan. Barrons escaped from there, but Christian wandered around for months and looked unsuccessfully for a way out. The mirrors are another Unseelie sanctuary and consist of links between several different dimensions, all of which are interconnected and lead to the so-called “hall of all days”. This represents the nexus, i.e. the center, of the mirror world and from there you can reach each of these dimensions. The mirrors are confusing - and they are manipulative because if you look into them, you don't necessarily see exactly what they hold. For example, you can opt for a passage that looks like a green, blooming oasis - and you don't end up there, but in the middle of something that resembles Antarctica. The mirrors are dangerous. How dangerous, I also experienced firsthand when Darroc lured me into a trap by blackmailing me with the lives of my parents. And so the starting point for this part of my story came about. But that's not all, because one important person is still missing to complete the puzzle.
Last but not least, there's ... Jericho Barrons.
He's arrogant, secretive and always in a bad mood, but he helped me and opened my eyes to what I was when I had no idea myself. Granted, he didn't do it the nice way. But now I don't care how I survive - the main thing is that I do it.
Barrons is very difficult to see through and he makes a complete mystery out of his past and himself. And if someone behaves like him, then that is not necessarily the best basis for trust. But somehow ... I trust him anyway. I can't explain to myself what made me do it. But I know one thing: if it hadn't been for him, I would either no longer be alive or I would be insane. And I'm more than grateful to him for preventing that, even if that's something I haven't wanted to admit to him or myself until now. -
They always say: you don't know what you've had until you've lost it.
I lost a lot of things.
My home. My parents, whom I cannot approach without endangering them. My sister, whose death I found difficult to get over, if you can even call it that. My friends and everything I've ever believed in.
I just lost everything.
Well, at least that's what I always thought. I know I'm getting ahead of my business, but that's how it happened. Until the day when I realized something that I didn't want to admit to myself, yes, that I didn't expect myself. Until the day I fell in a way that made it difficult for me to get up on my own. Until the day I lost the man I loved.
Fortunately, however, they also say that a light always shines at the end of the dark tunnel, even if you don't always recognize it at first glance.
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