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Day I am glad that you are there, friendly that I have been invited, come from Karlsruhe is quite a small town


far away no and I would like to present him with you on the subject of criminal law, truth and communication, you can not close your eyes, do not know PowerPoint and also does not have the but not that to have to this life n actually yesterday I should speak for an hour and




know countless highly impressive experiments to research the speechless intelligence of primates, primates can have a suspicion, so you can assess the behavior of other individuals everything speaks for it, but the female chimpanzee likes to have the suspicion withholding a competitor by deceiving


one deserves the advantage the answer is empathy tries to understand the feelings of a free individual so that that distant being can be alien, one's own being must be recognized as oneself empathy is a reflection of a kind of independently recognized individuality, not just the outside world, i.e. not made up of symbols or has to existing systems learned and understood but can be changed to the same extent according to the same rules as that leads them to be touching behind the stones but does not lead to anything empathy people lead to you


Understand your motives, intentions, reflections and be able to react to how you base your behavior on it and take this path


walking is the human being carry out a multitude of the most complicated intellectual steps even with a simple constellation I suspect that it will still rain today arises this suspicion is a highly complex composition of individual memories such as feeling-controlled moments of my life, so to speak, a scan of all the rules inclined, although not according to Art searching a hard drive but inexplicably a thousand times


more effective for this new observations that are compared not clouds wind smell memories of feelings from the past classification evaluation of numerous external events from the weather fairy on the previous evening to


Behavior of pedestrians what comes out is a highly individualized probability 2. that most parts should not be consciously reflected is recorded emotionally as a so-called intuition opinion view the reconstruction of memories thoughts observations and assessments in the past works in such a formalized reconstruction process The result is, at best, an image of the earlier events through numerous filters, much better as we know them the more rationally we will be able to evaluate what has now been recognized a few words


To communicate our whole life ladies and gentlemen consists of self-referential narratives about ourselves and from communicative processes to the review for us no other


Means are given as empathy and language, both elements are very powerful according to our understanding but very far from a direct connection to each other from the infinitely many, infinitely fast and high in the felt and memory images that play out in our brains every second, we only share one another a pitiful one


The rest becomes that we can form physical gestures and so on in an act of will to verbal messages


or involuntarily offer because we are usually left alone with our truths and everyone thinks the world as they like it as long as either the social functioning does not require a common order or the individual construction of reality is disturbed based on truths and suffering causes criminal justice wants truth presentation as reality description came from the left


B pulled the knife out of his pocket, thought that could not go well, must realize that this somewhat simple requirement on reality construction is again compulsory.However, over millennia, courts have perceived reality differently than the result of powers divine or diabolical, coincidence or form Fate could just as well be constructed as a totality of worlds of experience of the people involved, i.e. as a highly developed individualized psychological event in which it is not about the color of a car but about the associations it triggers that would be a laborious business and one with a very uncertain outcome of justice Steiner follows a rationality it was the supersensible omits the happenings in the world chopped up into factual features and the perception or construction processes of the human brain judged according to whether they are external and


Being able to fix inner inner realities consistently and consistently linguistically with subjective truths which in the hand of someone else say a pistol or a sausage roll - the criminal justice system cannot do anything


As you know, the judiciary has always been satisfied with the level of accuracy that can be achieved


Was that in the nature of things you can't stop punishing the market just because you don't have any scientific criteria for the statement at hand, what we nowadays mostly intuition condescendingly as intuitive as judging from often touching subjective judging what is before 100 Years will be on the hunt and in 100 years we will look back on our today's criteria-oriented content analyzes maybe we look back on curious alchemists' tracts


in other words things develop


what is criminal law the irregulars little banal some will understand they are in a rather pejorative way what is the whole thing actually it is not superfluous to Mark the


The question seems banal because it seems to focus on an overall plan, it seems as if someone has come up with criminal law that is so simple but not criminal law in a broader sense is initially simple


formal social control man has not been thrown into the world of nature as Robinson Crusoe, so with the support of a developed theory of civilization, it is better not to emerge as a wild animal than homini lupus


Enemy of all others through the puzzling invention of a social contract to peace came human society was rather stands and from the beginning society social reference group-related natural-historical transitions between


Mammals Primates and humans are enemies so fluently and imperceptibly that we can only assess them from a great distance


Achievement was the development of empathy, i.e. the ability to put oneself in the shoes of ideas, motives, perspective of another and symbolism of communication, i.e. language, both of which are indispensable in order to be able to survive as a person with weak physical abilities and this is therefore never possible alone but only in larger ones Groups family clans tribes peoples


As you know, human behavior is mainly characterized by the fact that a large part of our time is spent observing other people


To think about their motives and feelings and about how they see themselves and a permanent comparison of moods, intentions, familiarity, yes, a highly complex system of expectation expectations develops in which merely empirical expectations become normative expectations


3. is not only for more or less likely but as ought owed expectable salary norms arise in the expectations in the case of disappointment not simply given up but maintained and usually enforced from here to the state criminal law there is still a long way to develop normative control historically at first as a usually extremely rigid system of adaptation one in the canon of forms of behavior alternatives and


so on in Stone Age societies a considerable amount of time and attention is devoted to this


Uniformity appears as a guarantee and symbols for trust and peace the best example are masks culture in which behind uniform masks or paintings the individuality almost completely disappears and revealing it as wild and hostile creates fear between equal rights, the violence already knew Karl Marx all human Societies have therefore tried to work out very early forms of avoiding violence, with consistently very little success in external relations, sometimes with astonishing success within, from early forms of supposedly God-sent rule over sovereign authorities to the modern state of the modern era, the arc spans legal development and


organizational outsourcing of a so-called legal state with legitimacy to exercise violence through the use of


Be properly endowed and must remain the form is initially indifferent if and as long as the function is fulfilled priest and king of the revolutionary tribunals elected or in a civil servant, yes I presented here judges can fulfill this task more or less successfully criminal law is communication and violence is punishment always denotes the outermost edge of what


socially normative is or should be viewed as tolerant behavior, it cannot simply be abolished it is not a disease or any faulty construction, even if it occasionally gives me the


Practice, no matter how badly it works, punishment is nothing static. Finding out that it is not even thought up and from then on it is always there and only needs to be found and applied. Legal application is in the making. Lesson structure Criminal law is constantly changing what language, communication and social rules prevent misunderstandings yesterday was child-rearing is today bodily harm what is an insult today is considered a socially adequate joke tomorrow what means its effect unfolds that that means its effect unfolds criminal law also on an individual level as a deterrent or as a culture the essential basic social function consists in the permanent repeated and Confirmation of the behavior norms demonstrated on examples exemplary punishment a completeness of criminal law is again


possible still desirable still meaningful discussable who are all allegations of so-called criminal liability gaps actually a linguistic distortion as if criminal law were to be made seamless


Complete criminal law is law that everything is punished and all human behavior is punishable and then in individual cases allows exceptions, so how a book reads is punished with imprisonment for up to 5 years, exceptions and very loud are the following books, Appendix 1, which is a complete punishment Horror notion of a completely totalitarian state the loophole in criminal law is not an unfortunate exception but rather the welcome rules whoever complains about a loophole simply follows a loophole


complains simply calls for a new punishment for behavior that has previously been unpunished


Example live and as in Germany less protected than property in A to B unnoticed that one takes away that is theft punished if he drives past with a VW Golf Diesel 1 that goes unpunished when finally this criminal liability gap is closed from the


What is said also emerges the most important


Address is the social communication about it because, on the one hand, criminal offenses do not only determine the lower segregated area of ​​the forbidden excluded but they influence limited, in a variety of ways, the area of ​​socially adequate the requirements that a social discussion of criminal law and criminal procedure law will have to make for these reasons Reality still does not do justice to the content of these principles and principles of criminal law, there is a widespread ignorance of the same of related sociological criminological questions in all these areas predominates the proportion of advantageous judgments, often extremely superficial interests-related judgments is accompanied, which is often not supplemented That seems to me to be a prejudicial, schematic criticism of alleged or actual maladministration in the judiciary


structural problem that the limitlessness of digital communication has increased even more clearly and raises many problems for which no solution is currently in sight, of course, these problems are not only with the Internet and the battles between the ignorant and the classic press apparently not infrequent A shocking picture of distortion when it comes to criminal law issues and problems. With a few exceptions, classic court reporting is in the hands of laypeople who, even after years of activity, do not understand and even the simplest rules


Outrageous description of procedures or are there the rents and reporting in this



for God's sake just don't come with on the one hand and on the other hand that is because this then turns the reader listener viewer immediately


ab that is a pathetic surrender to the results of its own failure Internet culture in the broadest sense has much to aggravate it


contributed to the situation, on the one hand, to speed up the compulsion emanating from it


News Thought images Connections must be reduced to the smallest information time units in order to fill the attention gaps it concerns on the one hand the content to understand the content no one can adequately represent complex connections in short main clauses edit anonymity


Indiscipline and the permanent petition of the same thing encourage a leveling down, an escalation towards personalized and scandalized black and white Soldo decisions as well as a preference for extreme opinions and forms of expression


It should be noted here that such a development can in part become independent and can hardly be stopped, for example when whole sections of the population simply turn away from social communication and only deal with what their own opinion forms, such developments encountered an area before the for a democratic legal system is extremely dangerous if the criminal law is only used as an arbitrary instrument of struggle to suppress


Particular interests is considered in the area of ​​which politicians


Try to outbid each other with daily new demands to combat any grievances with the law and thus also that


Community destroys just one example of this and by no means the serious one is the absurd alleged criminal law


Discussion and which has unfolded around the so-called events of New Year's Eve there are no indications that criminal regulations


of all things against criminal foreigners incomplete too slack and so on are what there were and are serious enforcement deficits in every respect in repression prevention and welfare come to an end


Mass problem criminal law truth


Communication there are closely intertwined the colors the rationality and the reality of communication determine to a large extent what criminal law as truth cognition and norm confirmation in the system the overall system


can slide back, therefore, the task is to handle the responsibility for this carefully, thank you very much for


open to and we have now


Time to ask questions if there are any questions


just raise my hand for a moment and I will then ask it so is it possible because he's not a good day, Mr. Fischer, my question is to what extent is it, from your point of view, a problem of the Internet in its structure, in particular, is designed to provide very personalized content for example on facebook i manage


a page showed that I like it I also only get the information that corresponds in my opinion so how can you achieve that every group of people who thereby also delimit themselves is reached in the sense that the right to feel the actual right in the Meaning can correspond to what we mentioned earlier, we now


Not feared this question because I can't answer it I was thinking about whether I should decide that in the end, but it's a question so I don't know how we experience this segmentation in the in in group communication and increasingly individually related to communication and always less willingness, of course, which is not encouraged to get involved in common standards and rules of communication that is a big problem, I personally do not know how one could control this through rigid external interventions, which in turn naturally harbor completely different and more extensive dangers or not if he does not introduce Chinese conditions and with a central authority that monitors our communication and controls no alternative than himself and knows better with them


I have a question and that is


I very much deplore the unfamiliar strangeness of those who overbid legal proceedings, for example, report to the media as we have the problem in the training of legal training at universities that everyone is trained as if they would be set up, i.e. within the training at universities, I could imagine A lot could also be done in relation to many other professional fields in which, of course, many


Lawyers go that but you are of course right on the other hand there is a lot so there are a lot of journalists who are journalists and have not studied special sciences in a field or have otherwise no longer made it accessible and no one would accept it if any motor journalist is still talking about the new carburetor in the Golf Diesel it is simply not accepted or if someone always ascribes health policy to heart attacks as the 1st that would have to be amputated or similar stuff in legal matters it is completely rule on There seems to be no way for specialist journalists to memorize the difference between calling and revision although it is about as difficult as the difference between BMW and Mercedes or I don't know where it comes from, unfortunately, God always dictates and there is none because no one names the b ride in the reader so in the more we have the listeners and readership and in love but in the broad survey there is also very little this claim to be adequately and correctly informed that of course has to do with the right to be seen as if that the thing you saw right is that this is in those thick red books and right study means this book by heart too


first Schönfelder to the atoll is if you learn them by heart is a lawyer and from then on we can solve all cases and if you are asked how that when the three-room apartment is terminated you have to sign the sample explained it 5 minutes then comes the next women then asked this when four-room apartment is called



Attack is currently not a criminal offense. Discussion Heiko Maas had submitted a proposal that does not go far enough, but apparently wants to take it further now, why did you speak against it in your column? I still have so


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Demand should also apply to themselves so shouldn't just be set for women so very says


contrary to the constitution we violate Article 3 paragraph


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