How to make a Jaeger bottle shisha

Structure of the shisha

Structure and function of the water pipe

The water pipe system

The tobacco is heated and evaporated by the charcoal. By sucking on the mouthpiece of the hose, the steam is sucked through the water into the hose and thus cooled.

Components of the water pipe:

- glass (bowl)
- Column of smoke
- Ash plate
- tape head
- Tube

Structure of the Shisha:

First you fill the glass so far with water that the column of smoke attached afterwards protrudes 2-3 cm into the water. Use cold water for this, so that the smoke is better cooled later. It is possible to add some ice cubes to the bowl. It is important that the smoke column is airtight with the glass. A seal is used for this, which is inserted between the glass and the smoke column.
Now you put the ash plate on top of the smoke column. Some hookahs have a smaller saucer, which gives the ash plate a better hold.
Then fill the clay head 2/3/4 with tobacco. Be careful not to stuff the tobacco, just pour it in loosely. Tips on moistening and storage of tobacco is available in our Tobacco FAQ
Now a piece of aluminum foil is placed over the tobacco head. Make sure that the aluminum foil goes over the edge and encloses the head. Now pierce many small holes in this aluminum foil with a pin. In the picture was a finished one Falu aluminum foil used. This is already cut to size and perforated. Alternatively, a charcoal sieve can also be used. With this, however, a lot of air can by the side without it being heated.
The head is then placed on the smoke column with a sealing ring. Check that it is seated correctly and that it does not wobble.
At the hose connection, the hose is firmly connected to the smoke column with a seal.
Now the coal is ignited. At self-igniting coal simply pick up the coal with the tongs and ignite briefly. The coal burns all around and then glows through evenly. Make sure you have the right size of coal. If the coals are too small, the tobacco will not be heated properly and hardly any smoke will be produced.
With coal that does not ignite spontaneously, more heat is required. A gas burner is used for this. It is best to place the charcoal on the gas burner with a sieve and heat it until it glows. This can take about 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore it is recommended for Natural coals to light it first and while it is glowing, to straighten the shisha.
The ignited charcoal is placed on the top center of the aluminum foil or the sieve.

After the first couple of puffs, you can smoke with pleasure.

Nothing stands in the way of a pleasant shisha session.

If the smoke subsides, a thicker smoke can be generated by putting on a windbreak.

After smoking, the glass bowl should be rinsed out with lukewarm water. The inside of the smoke column should be cleaned regularly with a small brush.

The shisha

== How it works ==

Flavored tobacco is smoked in the shisha. For this purpose, the tobacco is filled into a tobacco head. This is heated with a piece of glowing coal. Usually, a piece of aluminum foil with holes is stretched over the tobacco head and the coal is placed on it. In many Arab countries, however, the coal is also placed directly on the tobacco. By pulling on the hose, heated air is drawn through the tobacco. As a result, the tobacco evaporates and its smoke is drawn through the column of smoke into the glass bowl filled with water. The smoke is drawn into the glass bowl through the submerged tube. The smoke cools down here. The water is also said to have a filtering effect on the smoke. The smoke is then inhaled via the hose connection, which is attached to the smoke column above the glass bowl.

== culture ==

A solid culture has developed around the shisha in Arabic. Offering a shisha is part of good hospitality. The shisha is usually smoked lying on comfortable pillows. Tea and pastries as well as small dishes are usually served with the shisha. In Germany, the shisha is particularly popular among young people in recent times. It has become an integral part of social gatherings and is the epitome of chilling out.

== Harmfulness of Shisha ==

The opinions about the harmfulness of the Shisha differ widely. Unfortunately, there are currently no reliable studies. However, smoking a shisha also harbors the typical dangers of tobacco smoking.

Shisha charcoal

Coal heats the tobacco in the water pipe so that it can evaporate. Basically, a distinction is made between 3 types of coal:

* Self-igniting coal

* Natural coals

* electric coal

== Task of coal ==

The shisha charcoal heats the tobacco in the clay head. This causes the ingredients of the tobacco and molasses to evaporate.

== Suitable coals ==

Not all types of charcoal are suitable for smoking a water pipe. Since the smoke, and thus also the ingredients of the coal, are inhaled, only coals specially produced for the shisha should be used. On the one hand, normal barbecue charcoal can be very dangerous to health and usually has an unpleasant taste of its own.