Gta v which level unlocks survival

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Welcome to the German guide that shows you how to get all the successes in GTA V.
I will also go into the 100% and explain it as well as possible.
So now a good success when collecting the successes!

Offline achievements: 32
Online successes: 27 + 8 doomsday robbery successes -> to be found at the bottom of the guide!
Rockstar Editor Achievements: 10

How often do you play ?: At least once is enough.
Just be careful not to kill a protagonist in the end!
Can you miss successes ?: No Unless you still had missions with a protagonist (e.g. strangers and freaks) and then killed him in the end.

You repossessed a car and drove it through the heart of a sunny metropolis.

You can't miss this success! You will get it as the story progresses.
Friendship revived
Who needs enemies with friends like that?

You can't miss this success either, as long as you gamble through the story!
You get it after you have completed the mission "Fame or Shame".
Time for a short break.

You will also get this success automatically when following the story.
You get it after the mission "Caidra Libre".
The moment of truth
You found out the truth about Brad

You get it in the course of the story after you have completed the mission "The hatchet".
Live or die in Los Santos
You completed the last mission

The description of the achievement hits it pretty well. You will get it after completing the last mission.
You cleared Vangelico to pay off your debt to Martin Madrazo

You get this success with the story heist "The Jewel Robbery".
It doesn't matter which of the variants you choose, if you complete the robbery successfully, this achievement is sure to be just as much for you as all of the money.
You stole an experimental super weapon from Merryweather ... and gave it back

You also get this success in the story heist "The Merryweather Robbery" if you complete it successfully.
You pulled off a classic lightning action

Automatically get in the story heist "Blitzaktion", complete with successful.
Small town, big deal
You made a lasting impression at the Paleto Bay Chicken Festival

You also get this success in the course of the story. With the successful completion of the story heist "The thing in Paleto" you are sure of this achievement.
Fool on behalf of the government
You obtained secret information from a heavily guarded government building

You will receive this achievement automatically after completing "The Bureau Heist".
Now it's not a dream anymore

Now you've got through all of the story heists! And you're almost at the end of the story
You will get "The Big Thing" automatically after completing the story heist.
Earn 70 gold medals with story missions and strangers and freaks

In every mission there are different goals that you can complete, which means you can also get different medals. Depending on the mission, the goals are different in terms of number and requirements. While in some missions the goals are damn easy, in the other mission they can also be really difficult.

In order to get the coveted gold medal that is necessary for the achievement, all goals in the mission have to be completed. It's good that you don't have to do all of the goals in one go. You can just repeat the mission until you have achieved all of the goals.

You can see in the main menu which goals you have already completed or still have to do for a mission. You can then look under "Repeat Mission" and put it into practice immediately.

In total there are over 100 missions for which you can get medals, which is why you do not have to complete every mission perfectly. So, to get this achievement, choose rather simple but also short missions. Story heists e.g. are not very good for getting gold as these missions are particularly long.
Complete the game 100%

To complete the game 100%, you have to do the following things:

  • 69 story missions (50%)
    All story missions including Lester's assassination missions (Franklin only)

  • 42 free time and part-time jobs (10%)
    Lap dance in the strip club
    6 cross-country races
    Sports activities (golf, darts, tennis and 3 triathlons)
    Parachute jumps
    Flying school (achieve at least bronze in all challenges)
    Shooting range (achieve at least bronze in 3 rounds with each type of weapon)
    4 sea races
    5 road races

  • 20 missions (strangers and freaks) (10%)
    All Towing Missions (Tonya)
    All paparazzi missions (Beverly)
    "Hard Work" Unlocks Street Races (Hao)
    Franklin's Missions Only (Barry)
    Franklin's Missions Only (Fanatics)
    All 4 risk missions (cathedral)
    Collect all spaceship parts and bring them to Omega (Omega)
    Collect all 50 letter snippets (Dreyfuss)

  • 14 out of 57 random events managed (15%)

  • Others (15%)
    50 spaceship parts
    50 letter snippets
    25 flights under bridges
    8 knife flights
    25 monster stunts
    Buy 5 lucrative properties
    1 Buy a vehicle on the Internet
    Go to the cinema
    Play chop with the dog and go for a walk
    "Using" a prostitute
    Sexy invitation
    Clear out a shop
    4 activities with friends (bar, strip club, cinema and darts)
I also recommend that you visit the Rockstar Social Club [].
Here you can see what is still missing and what you still have to do to achieve a full 100%.
Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County

To do this, you have to reveal the entire map. The best way to do this is, of course, by plane or helicopter (which I also strongly recommend). Grab a flying object and become a San Andreas Sightseer!

Tip: Do not forget the edges with the islands, the lakes and part of the water.
To be on the safe side, a video:
Free travel for wealthy citizens
Buy the Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private taxi ride

If you can take control of Franklin and Michael again after your first raid, you can buy real estate with them too.

Downtown Cab Co. is located north of Los Santos and will cost you $ 200,000. You can do the business just buy with Franklin.

As soon as the business is yours, there is always the possibility that you will be called on your cell phone when you are out with Franklin. Your client is a well-heeled guest who demands a "slightly different trip". Sometimes you get caught up in a shootout so quickly. So prepare yourself for the rides.

Don't confuse private taxi rides with normal taxi rides. You can take these with you when you are sitting in a taxi E. start. However, these do not count towards this achievement in any way.
TP Industries: Arms Race
Buy the McKenzie field hangar and win the upgrade race

After you take control of Trevor for the first time, you have to do a few missions in his home. Among other things, you will carry out an assignment on an airfield. After completing the job, you can buy the McKenzie Airfield for $ 150,000. You can only buy the airfield with Trevor.

After taking possession of the airfield, you can use either the buggie or the plane to deliver weapons. After you have completed one of the missions, you have to wait a moment before you can get back into one of the vehicles.

In order to unlock the achievement, you have to do 5 orders in each Buggie and Successfully complete 5 orders in the aircraft.
Earn a gold medal in all relevant hobbies and pastimes

To unlock this achievement, you must earn a gold medal in the following hobbies and pastimes. Darts, golf and tennis do not count towards this success. You just have to A Get a gold medal in every activity. Whether at the shooting range or the flight school, as soon as you have won a gold medal somewhere, you can switch to the next activity.

Shooting range

A visit to the shooting range is worthwhile in two ways. On the one hand, you can push your shooting skills to 100% within a short time and you can earn a few gold medals with it. There are two shooting ranges in the game where you can hone your kills and gold medals as you wish. One is in Pillbox Hill and the other Ammu Nation is at Cypress Flats.
When it comes to the shooting range, different things are important, depending on which of the many challenges you are tackling. Sometimes it is the accuracy and then again only destroying targets is called for. When it comes to accuracy, it depends on the points. The black zone is worth 10 points, the blue zone is 25 points, the red zone is 50 points and the yellow zone is worth a whopping 100 points.
The easiest way to get a gold medal is with Michael. With it you can press CAPSLOCK to switch to slow motion, which means you can keep your multiplier up and secure good points.

Street racing

If you are in town with Franklin, you will see a green question mark in a side street. If you go to the person there, you not only unlock the street races but can also take part in the first one.
Grab a good car for the first race and use Franklin's special ability for every sharp turn. If you press CAPSLOCK, you can take every extreme bend at lightning speed and drive away from your competition.

Sea races

If you complete the mission “City Safari” you will unlock the sea races, which you will contest on jet skis. These are indicated by a small anchor on your map.
None of the characters have a real advantage here, as the stretches on the water are quite open anyway. Just do your best and beat the competition for the top spot on the podium!

Off-road racing

The cross-country race switches to after the mission “Mr. Philips ”with Trevor free. Then they are marked by flags on your map.
Once again, Franklin is arguably the best candidate for the races. Thanks to its special ability, you can master even narrow paths and tight curves without any problems, which allows you to outsmart your opponents!


Early on in the game, when you are on the road as Michael, you will discover a blue question mark in the northwest of Los Santos. If you start the mission, you have to win a race against a jogger on foot. Complete the mission to get access to the triathlons. These are marked by a white man on your map.
It is best to choose a character with a high endurance. Because that's exactly what triathlons are all about. On the first part of the route you have to swim, ride on the second bike and on the third run. The higher your endurance, the longer you can give full throttle. If your stamina is exhausted, it goes to your health. This turns from green to red and decreases quickly as long as you hold down the SHIFT key to accelerate. In the end, that's not a problem as long as you don't empty the entire bar and reach the goal beforehand.
It is also advisable to perform the triathlons from the first person perspective. If you play in the first person view, your swimming and running speed improves noticeably and you can reach your goal faster and easier. (Many thanks to prol for the comment!)

Flight school

The flight school is located in the south of Los Santos and is indicated by a white airplane symbol. You will get access to the flight school as soon as you have completed Trevor's mission “Reunited Friends”.
In the beginning Trevor is by far the best pilot, but he is not really necessary to win a gold medal. In the first challenge, you just have to take off the plane and fly through two control points, which can be done with any figure without any problems.

Collect all spaceship parts and bring them back

To unlock this achievement you have to collect all spaceship parts.
You can only collect the spaceship parts once you have completed the “Fame or Shame” mission. Then you have to find 50 pieces that are spread over the whole map. The mission to unlock the spaceship parts can only be done by Franklin. You can then collect the spaceship parts with any character.

Go to the green question mark, because that's where Omega is waiting for you. Now you can start collecting the 50 hidden spaceship parts. If you have all 50 spaceship parts together, you will receive an SMS from Omega. Follow the instructions in the SMS and receive the spaceship in return.

To give you a better orientation, I have a map and a video for you here:

Solve the puzzle about Leonora Johnson

To unlock this success you first have to collect 50 snippets of letters, because only through this will you unlock another question mark on the map, where you have to complete a mini-mission.

Here, too, I have a map and a video for you for better orientation: