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  • Date: Feb 01, 2011
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Klactoveedsedstene is a graphical audio front-end to the popular MPlayer engine which is widely used in the Linux world. If you know WinAmp, you may recognize the look of Klactoveedsedstene. It is mainly inspired by the WinAmps Media Library view. In fact it was written partly out of the frustration that WinAmp has never been ported properly to Linux, and that most of the alternatives for Linux are rather poor.

Klactoveedsedstene is not a general purpose Media Player, that supports video, TV, radio etc. It is, and will probably always remain, just a simple Song Player for your desktop, supporting only MP3 and WMA format.

So its objective is limited, because my needs were limited. However, it is quite powerful in its simplicity. As one of rather few media players, it is capable of finding album art to your music by searching the Internet. It has a fairly advanced search algorithm with an accuracy of over 90% (if your music files are properly ID3-tagged)

Klactoveedsedstene is all written in JAVA, The name is a nonsense word, invented by the bebop saxophonist Charlie Parker, whose portraits you are looking at in the Installer. It is also the title of one of his compositions.

Klactoveedsedstene features:
1. Simple and powerful player for the desktop
2. Advanced album art support with over 90% accuracy.
3. Fast loading (start-up)
4. Select and Play
5. All-in-one window
6. Drag and drop music into the library
7. Supports MP3 and WMA
8. Highly configurable
9. Stateful (remembers your window settings)
10. All parts of the GUI can be colored
11. Album-Artist-Track view
12. All track columns sortable and movable
13. Minimizable

Note that the Album Art algorithm is based on the ID3 tags, Artist and Album. These two MUST to be filled in correctly in order to achieve the most accurate result. This means that they should only represent the artist and album title, nothing more - nothing less. Don't use the these tags for other information, such as the date or producer or co-musicians etc. Plain artist and album title, that's all.
Also note, that many older albums have been issued under different labels, or even under the same label, with different covers. In such cases, there will be several possible Album Arts that are all equally correct. The label is not used as search criteria ..

* Mplayer
* Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this music & mp3 player software.