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Violent scene from the Gladbach goalkeeper ... | Unbelievable what after
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This scene hurts just looking at it ...

Gladbach's substitute goalkeeper Tobias Sippel (33) experienced a moment of shock shortly before the end of the 2-2 at Hertha. When Cunha brings a ball out of the goal towards goal, Sippel reacts with a foot defense, loses his balance - and twisted his knee unnaturally.

Then you can hear Sippel talking about a cruciate ligament tear via the external microphones. Fortunately, the fear does not come true! Curious: after a break in treatment, Sippel even carries out the subsequent tee-off himself! And that after such a bad scene ...

Before that, even two Gladbach gifts are not enough for Hertha to win!

Despite a 77-minute (!) Excess and a 1-0 lead, Berlin does not get beyond the draw against Borussia, slipping deeper and deeper into the relegation mess.

After Bielefeld's win against Freiburg on Friday (1-0), Hertha was afraid of slipping! On Sunday, Berlin's lead in 17th place could melt to one point. Then Cologne (17th) will play against Mainz (16th).

Everything is going well for the capital city club.

13th minute: In a Hertha counterattack, Sommer prevents a clear goal chance with a tackle against Cordoba - red for the Gladbach keeper! Sippel comes for him.

23rd Minute: Ascasibar pulls from the edge of the penalty area. His shot is deflected untenable by Kramer with the tip of his foot and sails into the goal. 1-0 Hertha, first goal of the season for Ascasibar.

Now the Berliners are playing the thing down in the majority? Think!

Thuram plays a dream pass into the run of Plea, which leads to a precise low shot for Gladbach - 1: 1 (27th).

And it gets even worse for the Herthaners, who suddenly start distributing gifts themselves: Thuram grabs heavily in the penalty area, Stindl (12th goal of the season, personal best) confidently converts to 2-1 for Borussia (38th). For the first time since 2015, Gladbach scores two goals short.

After all: After Hertha coach Dardai changes three times (!) During the break, his team pulls itself together, gets better and better - and at least prevents bankruptcy. Cordoba grabs a flat Cunha flank in (49th), the goal is given after a two-minute offside check.

Only problem: the point helps neither Gladbach nor Hertha. Borussia is still lagging behind Europe (three points behind sixth), Hertha is afraid of slipping.