Manaswini poem summary where the mind

The nom “Pentecost” soid from the Greek kemma
and soid in the Gschicht vo the apostles mitnemma.
The Festtog, which determines the 50th tog at Easter,
is the tog, where holy spirit ochakimmb into people.

Hoia woorn the churches nid oi open,
it woor a constant fear - owa a a hope,
that ma me celebrate on baby phone fruit tones,
da Pforra woit ois wo’s throw a hod in the woogschoin!

The mess soid gonz where it's Bsunas!
The believers in Ivaros of the waa fei,
they soid’n iwaroi and weeks before mess vazöhn,
so the celebration mid ana real pigeons wöhn!

The hützane pigeons is a festive Büd,
when the Messner ochalos and the organ is too bad,
How it is eaten, the real pigeons will fly
and iwa the believers majestically driwa ziag!

Since pigeon fanciers hod a gonz a Scheene,
guad trainiascht, do gibbs sicha koane problems,
At the bench weand the distance hoita auffikleb,
ois clean cleaning, something like host no nia daleb!

The organ blows, the believers kemmand,
since Messner sees that no one is wearing a face mask.
It's so solemn, oi boat for the moment
where Pforra an Himmi auffischaugg knows how ma’s hoid!

Hallelua, Hallelua, Hallelua - the Singa weascht hard,
ma sick, the organist and da Pforra wean scho grumpy,
obn riaschz si wos, no a poor Hallelua drauf,
a murmur goes through the church, owa nocha it's open!

A Goggel weascht me on Stricki ochalossen,
because Pforra is beside himself, ku des nid fossen!
Screams to Messner where he's doing
where it's going with his pigeons - eam cooks the Bluad!

Because the Goggel is ochascheißt on'n oitor for sheer ongst
and since Pforra no oamoi opens his hands in panic,
shoot the acolytes, fliang the hosts,
the chaos is perfect - we can get through the crisis!

Thou kimmb the voice from above, ma ku the desperation hean,
I've heard that Messner is gonz kuschz from Rean:
"Forget about the nice party with the doves kinna ma,
Wei insa Kotz des Sauviech hot eat the holy spirit! "