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Awo facility - Diana Schatz - the new woman at the helm of the Bad Lausick youth center

With Diana Schatz, the team at the Bad Lausick children's and youth center is complete again: The 32-year-old, who has recently been living in Naunhof with her family, took over the management of the home run by the Mulde / Collm workers' welfare organization at the beginning of March. The position has been vacant since Melanie Voigt left last summer; Assistant Petra Arnold and Volker Wolf, employed by the Social Participation program, have kept the facility running with restrictions over the past few months. The original number of staff that has now been restored makes it possible to reopen the building in the immediate vicinity of the secondary school as usual from 8 a.m. In addition, the offers are to be gradually expanded and new accents set.

In the past six years Diana Schatz, who comes from Eisleben and studied social work in Merseburg, worked in a youth group in Leipzig. Twelve to 18-year-olds from problematic homes and with a wide range of problems live in the: “We tried to make them fit for a self-organized life.” The situation that Schatz encounters in Bad Lausick is fundamental other. But the professional experience should undoubtedly suit her, because school and professional perspectives, the organization of one's own everyday life, social interaction, fulfilling leisure time are topics to which the children's and youth center is committed. Diana Schatz applied for the position immediately after taking parental leave; a new job that not only appeals to her in terms of content, but is also more compatible for a mother of two little boys.

“I'm in the process of intensifying contacts with the secondary school,” says Schatz. After all, the two institutions have been linked to one another for years via a cooperation agreement. She introduced herself to the school principal Reinhard Deuil, as well as to the pupils and parents of the 5th grade and the friends' association at the event “We about us” recently in the auditorium. She seeks a conversation with the teachers, with the school social worker Nadine Kummer, but also with the Bad Lausick town hall, and would like to present herself and her plans to the city council soon. “I would like to bring projects from school into our house, do more together,” she says. The opening times are currently based on the school bus timetable; It usually ends at 4 p.m. and is closed on the weekends.

"We want to see where the need is, what the adolescents want, what is affordable," says Diana Schatz. New offers include a cooking group with Petra Arnold - Wednesdays from 2 p.m. The crawling group for parents with small children is to be revived - Tuesdays from 9.30 a.m., Thursdays from 3.30 p.m. In addition, dance groups still have their home in the house. “I would like to offer something specifically once or twice a week. But we also have to find informal forms that go beyond working groups and projects. ”She regards the fact that the sports field, which was probably completed in May, and the new Zweifelder hall are directly adjacent to the building, she regards as a gain:“ Sport is a thing that pulls. ”This One would like to take advantage of opportunities. The barbecue area behind the building, which had to give way in the course of the redesign of the entire area, is to be rebuilt.

The three-person team would be delighted to have the support of volunteers who are at their side for five hours a week in running the facility. The house wants to be a good address not only for adolescents, but also for young families: the tradition of family brunch is resumed on Mother's Day.

The team is busy planning the summer holidays: While there will only be offers on site in the first week of the holiday, two to five day trips and special events are planned in the weeks. “It's already too late to prepare for a vacation trip, as has been the norm and in demand in recent years,” says Schatz; But they are planning to do that again for the summer of 2018.

From Ekkehard Schulreich