Eptagonia Cyprus Map where is Cyprus

Cyprus, the "island where the gods go on holiday", does not have a tourist metropolitan area, but rather offers a choice between various exciting holiday destinations, each of which has its own charm.

Agia Nápa

Agía Nápa is probably the most famous seaside resort on the sunny island and is therefore a popular travel destination. Young holidaymakers in particular get their money's worth here, as the place is known for its lively nightlife.


In addition to its beaches, the coastal town of Páfos is especially famous for its numerous cultural treasures. You will find numerous sights from ancient times, for example the royal tombs and the extensive archaeological park.

Tróodos Mountains

Nature lovers, for example, should pay a visit to the Tróodos Mountains in the hinterland of the island. This mountain range of volcanic origin is particularly popular with hikers and is also known as the "green lungs of Cyprus". In winter you can even go skiing here.


The Akámas peninsula is also highly recommended for nature lovers, as there is a unique flora and fauna here. In addition, the region is not yet too touristically developed, but offers wonderful paths for hiking and cycling.


Limassol has a lot to offer visitors. The archaeological museum located here gives an interesting insight into the history of the country. The beach promenade of this place is also a very special highlight due to the numerous works of art displayed here. Incidentally, the waterfall of the Green Valley is located near this second largest city on the island; highest on the island and thus one of the most popular travel destinations.


One of the most popular tourist destinations is Ómodos; this is considered the most beautiful village on the island. All of the houses here were built entirely from natural stone and are located in the midst of beautiful vineyards.


A visit to the capital Nicosía, the only still divided capital in the world, should also be at the top of the travel plan. This separates southern Cyprus from the northern part ruled by the Turks.


The port city of Famagusta is an important tourist place in the Turkish Northern Cyprus. The most important sights include the historic old town with its church ruins, the defensive wall from the time of siege and the ghost town of Varosha.


This ancient city is one of the most popular attractions of Northern Cyprus. Salamis was once the largest and richest city on the island - impressive ruins bear witness to this time. Royal tombs, ancient water reservoirs and the remains of two basilicas can be visited here.

Girne (Kyrenia)

Girne, the most important tourist destination in Northern Cyprus, is located on the north coast of the island. Here you will find numerous hotels of all categories, beautiful, white beaches and some interesting sights, such as the old fortress and the ship of Kyrenia.

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