Susan Taylor Powhatan 380 p.m.

Susan (Taylor) Worsham (dept. 1580)

Not sure there's a George Worsham to work back from .... The George who is supposedly the son of this couple is the first person in this line who can be documented in Virginia. The land record below says George and William "Worsnam" patented land in 1652 purchased by William Worsham in 1640. They could be father and son or brothers.

"William and George WORSHAM patented 400 acres in Henrico Feb. 15, 1652,“ 200 acres lying at Olde Towne at Appomattox… and 200 acres being part of a patent granted to Wm. CLARKE, decd., May 6, 1638 and by CLARKE sold to Seth WARD who sold to William WORSHAM Nov. 2, 1640. " (Cavaliers and.Pioneers.-239, 556) John WILSON patented 100 acres in Henrico June 6, 1666, bought of Seth WARD. This land lay next to the above patent, and WILSON's patent recites that the said 100 acres began at the river side… running along an old known fence ”being the line parting said WILSON and the ORPHANTS OF GEORGE and WILLIAM WORSHAM. (CP 556) It seems that George WORSHAM, died before June 6, 1666, and had a son, George WORSHAM, Jr ., for a jury was called in Henrico on May 15, 1678, to determine the dividing line between John WILSON and the land of “Mr. George WORSHAM”, evidently one of the orphans of 1666. (BK.2, p. 48 ) George1 WORSHAM was Justice for Henrico in 1656 and his son, Captain George2 WORSHAM of Henrico, born in 1648 (deposition) married, Mary, daughter of John PIGOTT of that county, who may have come from Norfolk County, Va. Captain George was a Justice in 1707. (See 33 V 185 for descendants.)

William WORSHAM was deceased several years before May 15, 1678, for his widow married Colonel Francis EPES, who died in 1678, and had three children by him.