Small art that really matters

Learning tip 3. The small learning successes are important

You managed! Thanks to your learning, you got a good grade! Just celebrate it for you!

A Learning success is something really great. You don't let anyone downplay that. Neither from the other classmates, who still often label you as a nerd, nor from your parents, who sometimes say: "Well, a one would have been better". Don't even listen. If you've ever managed to go from a 4 to a 2, then that's gigantic! A full one success! You can close the door behind you at home and say: "Yes, done, I'm great!". You are really entitled to that. Successful learning is important.

And what is even better, every success motivates you so much that you can easily go on and approach every subject matter very easily from now on. You now know that you can do it! So trust yourself a lot and just leave the pressure at your door. Just keep going, with this feeling of success in your stomach you are unbeatable! But if you simply overlook your good grade, or even allow someone to downplay it, then the motivation has fizzled, gone and won't come back so easily!

Nothing there, from now on everyone will still be like that small learning success celebrated properly, that is important. Either with your family, who are happy for you, or if there is not enough, simply with yourself. Open up a Coke and toast yourself! Seriously! Pat yourself on the shoulder and congratulate yourself on your skills. And you can be sure that learning will be extremely easy for you in the future. Even if there should be a setback, look again at the success before it and orient yourself towards it. You will have a reason to celebrate again very soon!