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All deadlines and dates for the start of training

With your application and the start of your training, it will be of great help if you pay attention to a few things beforehand. First of all you have to consider when exactly you want to start your apprenticeship - right after graduation or a year later? If you want to start right after school, you have to apply early enough, that is, while you are still at school. If you now think that your diploma is not yet available, you are correct. But: this is completely normal - just send yours latest certificate with the application and submit the diploma if requested. In addition, it must be noted Where you want to do your apprenticeship and whether a move this is necessary. Enough time should also be planned for this. The next question is how you finance your education in certain cases, for example if you want to be accepted at a private educational institution. Examination and course fees, which have to be paid in some school-based training, are also conceivable. So take care of it early on financial support.

The rule is: the earlier you take care of an apprenticeship position, the more time you have for your application documents. The higher the Quality of your application is, the better your chances of being accepted. In addition, you should find out whether you are certain requirements have to fulfill in order to be accepted. Sometimes you also have to prepare for recruitment tests and assessment centers. If you still have no idea where to apply, first do an internship, attend training fairs, go to career counseling or take an aptitude test.