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How does ammonia smell? - Examples & comparisons

The smell of ammonia is related to the concentration of it. But even a small dose of it is known to have a strong pungent and pungent odor. The molecular formula of the chemical compound NH3 hardly suggests it.

If you walk into a corner in a big city where people urinate frequently and a lot, you usually notice it from afar. This is because ammonia is contained in urea. Since the compound is toxic in large quantities, but is needed to build up and break down amino acids, the body removes the ammonia in the urine. In birds, however, it is converted into uric acid.

Odor of urine

Most people notice the irritation of their airways as they walk by and reflexively hold their breath. The gas, which spreads so stubbornly, also brings tears to the eyes of one or the other due to the intensity. The pungent smell has a deterrent effect on the body and indicates that it is better to keep your distance or, in the case of an underpass, to move on as quickly as possible.

Ammonia is in hair dye

Because of the alkaline nature of ammonia, many people are also familiar with the smell of hair dyes. The pungent, unpleasant smell when you've rubbed the paint and now patiently waits for the time.

Colorants for hair contain ammonia to open the cuticle of the hair. Since this only takes a few minutes, ammonia - as unpleasant as the smell is - is the best vehicle for this task. It's alkaline, but it dissipates quickly. This short period of time is also less damaging for the hair, as it no longer swells and is no longer damaged when the ammonia disappears. The exception are bleaching agents.