How to hide ssid on the thomson router

How to make the WiFi invisible on the router

By Philippe Fischer and Jules Finn Birner | July 31, 2020, 6:20 p.m.

You don't want hackers or neighbors to discover your WLAN? You can hide this in the router settings with just a few clicks.

The Fritzbox delivers high quality by default, so that commissioning usually runs smoothly. What many users are therefore usually not even aware of: Far beyond the factory settings, the router offers all sorts of functions to increase protection against data loss and costly telephone calls or to take measures against hackers and malware.

For example, if you want to protect your WLAN from unauthorized access, you can easily make it invisible. TECHBOOK explains in a few steps how this works with the Fritzbox.

Step 1: Call up the Fritzbox system in the browser

Open the browser and tap in the address bar or alternatively a. Then you end up in the settings of your router. Enable the option in the top right corner extended view.

Step 2: disable visibility

Now go to in the navigation bar on the left WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS and then in the submenu Radio network. Here you remove the tick next to the point Name of the wireless network visible. The click on to save don't forget - done!

From now on, the WLAN will no longer appear in the automatic search for a device - but unfortunately it will no longer appear in your own. You will then have to set up new devices manually or deactivate the invisible function for a short time.

Also works with the Speedport range

This tip also works if you have a Speedport router at home instead of the Fritzbox. In the overview, select the menu item:Configuration> Security out. Then go to the category on the security page that opensWLAN security settings. Here then click onSSID & encryption.

On the setup page that then opens, you will find other options, for example network name (SSID), encryption and password for encryption.

The relevant for the change is hereNetwork name or the setting option directly below:SSID invisible. Now activate the function by clicking on the associated box.

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