How to peel corn in the microwave

How is maize properly harvested (grain maize)?

Contribution from LSFan95 ┬╗Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:10 pm

Hello, I would be interested in how to harvest corn.
I'm not talking about chaff, which is used as silage, but the grain maize that we eat, the yellow one how does it work, many know the farming simulator where corn is harvested with a corn picker, but is that really true? And when the maize is harvested, what does it look like in the grain tank? Is that the corn we eat already? Or will something still be done with it? When I load corn from the thresher in the trailer in the farming simulator, it looks yellow and ready, as does the corn that we eat in cans. Is that also the case? Is the maize really harvested in such a way that the machine (the thresher) picks the maize in such a way that only grains come out?

And then only can these be filled into cans and eaten? Or has the farming simulator been made unrealistic? What is it like in reality?

And is the same corn harvested that is chopped? My mother always said that there are different types of corn, corn that is only for animals and corn for people. And my question is, I live in Germany and I always see this corn in the fields, my father says, when it's young, even we humans can eat it, is that true?

Can We Really Eat The Corn From The Fields That Is Chopped?
Do you know your way around? Please enlighten me.