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Are you in love with straight hair? If so, here is great news for you! Getting a hair straightener at home is quite easy lately. Modern technology has come up with some of the trendiest hair straighteners hair straighteners that are user friendly in nature. Now you no longer need to visit a salon when dreaming for stylish straight hair. However, to use a hair straightener cannot be an easy act for one that has not used it before. Although, flat irons are easy to use, sometimes you have to be aware of the related factors of your hair to ensure safety to be straightened. If you are a beginner, here is a simple guide on how to use hair straighteners at home.

How to get hair ready for straightening:

Before straightening your hair at home, you need to prepare the hair first. Outside pollution, grease, various styling products and grime make our hair frizzy and unruly. Hence, you need to wash the hair thoroughly before applying the straightener. A manageable good condition hair responds well to straightening. In addition, the chance of damage is greatly reduced when the hair is clean and healthy.

You will need to pick a moisturizing and nourishing shampoo when you are looking for hair straightening. This would leave your hair soft and suitable for the use of the iron. Before using the straightener on your hair, make sure your hair is dry. Do not use straighteners on wet hair.

Choosing the right type of straightener:

Choosing the right type of straightener is just as important as preparing the hair for the straightening procedure. You might be amazed to find plenty of brands Richt when you look for a look. Hence, it is extremely important that you choose the right one for your hair. Needless to say, using a bad product can severely damage your hair, and sometimes lead to permanent hair damage.

Among the many types of hair straighteners, flat irons are the best. They can be a little expensive compared to other types, but they do best when safety is taken into account. When you are out shopping for one, try to opt for the hair straightener that comes with a ceramic coating. This type of product is gentle on hair and provides hair with extra shine and health.

Choosing the right size of hair straightener is most important. An ideal size for the straightener is between 1 "to 1.5" wide. Flat irons with 2 plates or more are the best types of flat irons for all hair lengths.

How To Use Hair Straighteners At Home?

Finally, it comes to use. Applying a hair straightener at home isn't as difficult as flying a rocket. Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you.

  1. Wash your hair off with a good conditioning shampoo. Blow dry it after washing. Use a straightening and hair conditioning shampoo if you have frizzy thick hair. For thin hair, you should opt for the volumizing products. Give your hair dry with a towel after washing and follow with the blow dry. When the hair dries, do it from roots to tips. Comb your hair well and untangle unwieldy hair. This makes the first step in hair straightening.
  2. The next step is to apply a heat protection spray. Do not interfere with this step, and also do not opt ​​for a cheaper product for the same. Avoid applying the serum on roots as it would be greasy hair. Heat protection is inevitable when you are looking for a hassle-free straightening process.
  3. While working on the hair ready for straightening, divide the hair into layers, strands, and sections. This would allow you to keep every part of the hair equally focused.
  4. Put the iron in the right temperature. It mainly depends on the length of your hair. Follow the guide guide in great detail.
  5. Leave an inch from the root and start straightening. Straighten one layer of hair at a time. This way, repeat the method for each of the strands and layers.
  6. Stop immediately if you notice sizzling or steam on hair.
  7. See yourself in the mirror and enjoy the new hairstyle.

Hope the above home hair straightener guides would help you straighten your hair from safely at home.


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