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How to Make a Charcloth Maker: 12 Steps (with Pictures) in 2021

how to make a charcloth maker

I am not responsible for anything you do with this thing


Step 1: the stuff you need

beer can
wide can
high can
Cotton clothes

Step 2: take away

Take the paraffin out of the "cup"
Save the mug, it's the part you'll need

Step 3:

Use the scissors or a knife to make a small hole in the bottom of the wide can

Step 4: the cut!

Cut the beer can as in the picture

Step 5: the cuts!

Cut as in the picture

Step 6: fuel

Half fill the cup with alcohol

Step 7: paste

put the cup in the beer can

Step 8: tightening

Put the tall can on top of the beer can thing and put a cloth inside

Step 9: bet on 2

Place the wide can on top of the tall can

Step 10: fire!

light it up!
Don't do that inside, the smoke smells really bad

Step 11: wait


Step 12: done!

When the fire is out, you can take out the finished wooden cloth
I also believe you can use it to make small amounts of charcoal