How to unlock Nokia 6300 for free

Unlock MMS with the Nokia 6300 - this is how it works at Vodafone

In order to be able to send multimedia messages, or MMS for short, you must first activate them for your Nokia 6300 in just a few steps.

Before you can send MMS with your Nokia 6300, you have to set the respective service settings of your provider such as Vodafone directly in the mobile phone.

Make settings on the Nokia 6300

  1. To activate MMS, switch on your Nokia 6300 and select "Menu". Go to "Settings". There you will find "Configuration". In the personal settings you add the settings for the MMS under "New".
  2. To do this, go to "Multimedia". If Vodafone is already stored here, apply these settings by selecting the profile and pressing "OK".
  3. If no data have been stored yet, enter the following data: Assign VFD2 MMS as the name. Enter "" after URL. The service is GPRS and the access point is The IP of the server is: and the corresponding port is 80.
  4. After you have entered the data, confirm this under "Save". Then select this profile and press "OK".

Unlock and receive MMS

Alternatively, you can also request the relevant data for activating the MMS via SMS.

  1. To do this, send an MMS with the content "Nokia 6300 MMS" to the speed dial number 2255.
  2. You will then receive an SMS, which you can open and save. The corresponding data for the MMS are automatically integrated. Please note that the usual SMS charges apply.
  3. After the process has been successfully completed, it is necessary to send an MMS yourself in order to show your provider that your mobile phone can receive MMS.
  4. After you have sent the MMS and received the message that the sending was successful, you can receive MMS and have activated your Nokia 6300 for reception.

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