How great are our god drum chords

528 Jaya Jagadisha Hare (115)

2013-08-15 Explanations from Sabeena on Fb in english:
Today I discovered something very interesting. Our Bhajan 'Jaya Jagadisha Hare' (115) is written in a wrong way in the 3rd line. To use the word Dharini in this context is not correct. In a converstaion with an Indologist (?) - a person with knowledge about Sanskrit - we came to this conclusion:

In the second part oft he 3rd line in our bhajan it should be 'Trishula Dhari Shiva Om' - Dhari means holding, carring, Trishula ist he trident. In this case Shiva holds the trishula. The trident is also a weapon from Durga. If she holds it it's called 'Trishula Dharini' - she who holds the trishula. Dharini is only used for a female person.
The trident or Trishula is a very powerful symbol. There are many ways for interpretation of the trident, so I am not surprised that Swami mentioned once, if we would understand the deeper meaning of the Trishula and Damaruka (drum) of Shiva, we would be already enlightened ...
Today we have the first try for a better understanding of all these symbols and instruments from the Indian deities, starting with the trishula of Shiva.
Shiva used the trident to cut Ganesha's head, accidentally thinking that he would have been an enemy. It means that the trishula is a first class weapon and very powerful. The 3 spikes could be seen in many ways. For example has Shiva is able to destroy all 3 times - past present and future - therefore finally leading us in the unity with NOW - the only way to expierience bliss. Personally - I love this! It's great!

Otherwise the 3 spikes stand also for the 3 gunas, the 3 realms of heaven, earth and underworld, the 3 main nadis (energy channels in our body) and much much more. It is a symbol of his control and ability to balance all these systems.

Shiva is great and sooooooooo powerful. We always forget that!
Finally it comes always to the same conclusion: When we trust, surrender our mind and give the lead to the Divine, may it be Shiva, Jesus, the One Divine Light - whatever it means to you ... then we are there, here and now . New doors can open up, so much better we could have thought of!

Therfore the 'simple' mantra 'Om Nama Shivaya' becomes such a depth again. There are so many keys God gave to us! Just take one - with full confidence - and the doors to heaven are opening up… and - actually there are none such doors when we are right in pure existence, being - everything is already there! Enjoy!

2013-08-15 Explanations from Sabeena on Fb in german:
Today I have a real hit.
Our bhajan 'Jaya Jagadisha Hare' is sung with a wrong word in the 3rd line. It is also written that way in other bhajan books. However, after a telephone conversation with a genuine Indologist, the following came out:
The second part in the 3rd line should be called 'Trishula Dhari Shiva Om' - Dhari means to carry, to hold, Trishula is the trident. In this case, Shiva is holding the trishula. The trident is also a symbol of Durga. If she were to hold it, it would be called Trishula Dharini - bearer of the trident. So Dharini can only be used for a feminine form.

The trident or trishula is a very powerful symbol. The meanings are very extensive, so I am not surprised that Swami once said that whoever could grasp the deeper meaning of Shiva's Trishula and Damaruka (drum) would be 'through', so to speak. This means that one must already be 'enlightened' in order to be able to grasp this dimension at all.
Today there is the first attempt to make us a little more familiar with the various symbols of the deities, starting with Shiva's trident. Each of these special instruments or objects from the Indian world of gods naturally has its very own story.
The trident, the trishula, was used by Shiva to cut off Ganesha's head when Shiva accidentally identified him as an intruder in his home. That means it is clearly a first class weapon and accordingly very powerful. The 3 points can now stand for many things. E.g. it says that Shiva can destroy all 3 times - past, present and future in order to ultimately lead us into the unity of the NOW, the only true state of experiencing bliss. Personally, I find this meaning awesome!
Otherwise the 3 points also stand for the 3 Gunas, the 3 Worlds - Earth - Heaven - Underworld, the 3 main Nadis (energy channels of our body), and much more. Shiva is seen here as the one who can have a controlling and balancing effect on these systems.

Shiva is great and sooooooooo powerful. We keep forgetting that!
In the end it always comes down to the same thing: When we confide in ourselves, give up our intellect and let ourselves be guided, be it Shiva, Jesus, the one shining light - whatever it may be for each and every one of us like ... then we have arrived in the here and now and completely new doors can open, so much better than we could ever have imagined!
In this sense, the 'simple' mantra 'Om Nama Shiva' gains such depth again. There are so many keys that God puts in our hands! If we take one of them with full confidence, then one of the many doors to heaven opens and - actually, these doors do not even exist, when we are in being, then everything is already there ...!