Baba mann singh pehowa 2016

Press conference video of GS Col. Sandhu with Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Khera
Courtesy: Jus TV

Chandigarh (KP) - The Majha Ex-Servicemen Human Rights Front demanded the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to inquire into the attack on a Pehowa based doctor by followers of lecherous Dash Mann Pehowa that has left the physician completely blind.

Col. GS Sandhu, chairman of the Majha Ex-Servicemen Human Rights Front demanded that the CBI should hold an inquiry into the two FIRs registered at Pehowa in regards to the acid assault on Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Khaira.

Col. Sandhu stated that Dr. Khaira was attacked by followers of Mann Pehowa on April 2007, but no action has been taken in this regard.

According to the victim, Dr. Paramjit Kang, a devotee of the Pehowa Sadh, attacked Sukhwinder Singh with a container filled with acid at his office.

Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Khaira was a staff physician at Sant Ishar Singh Hospital in Pehowa, and a state that he was routinely asked to perform ultrasound on young women devotees of the Baba, and was being forced to abort the fetuses if they were found to be female.

According to Dr. Khaira, the acid attack was the punishment being given to him for disobeying the Baba's directions and not aborting the fetuses.

“We filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High court seeking a CBI inquiry into the attack after the police had failed to take action on or complaints”, added the blinded victim.

The controversial Pehowa Sadh has been in the news before after several women came forward with allegations of rape and sexual abuse by the Baba at his Pehowa based dera.

Due to his political connections and wealth, neither the Haryana nor the Punjab Police has followed up on the complaints by any of these women.

GS Col. Sandhu with Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Khera holding an old photograph of himself