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Kik Messenger: what is it? Meaning, definition

The "Kik Messenger" is a free messenger app that is used to chat with others without revealing your own telephone number. More than 200 million use the alternative to WhatsApp.

The "Kik Messenger" is not based on SMS technology, but uses the Internet - WLAN or mobile data - to send information. So if you want to use “Kik” you need internet access.

Meaning of the name kik - origin

The name "kik" was created by a typo. Instead of “Lol”, “kik” was typed. - So keys to the left of “l” and “o” were typed.


Users register with a name for free. A telephone number is not required. A profile picture is then set. You can chat with other users if you know their name. (It doesn't take more.)

Text messages, pictures, gifs and videos can be sent and received via Kik. The integrated browser is used to display web content. Hashtags are used to create public group chats. Up to 50 people can take part here.

Kik has a special feature: users can not only chat with each other, but also with product manufacturers and content providers. This enables direct connection and communication.

Kik Messenger story

Kik is operated by kik interactive. In January 2009, students from Waterloo University founded Messenger so that Blackberry, Android and iPhone users could chat with each other. This was not possible before.

The Kik Messanger can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, the iTunes Store and the Windows Store.

Kik Messenger: growth numbers and users

In October 2010, the students released the first version of the Kik Messenger. Over 1 million users registered within 15 days. This rapid spread is attributed to Twitter. Many used the short message service to let others know about Kik.

In November 2013 there were already over 100 million users of the Kik Messenger app; in May 2016 there were over 300 million registered users.

In November 2017, the “Kik Messenger” app was secretly removed from the Windows Store.

In June 2018 the "Kin Coin" was released. Kik's own crypto currency. Users can earn “Kin Coins” when they report bugs and interact with brands on Kik. (We explain what cryptocurrencies and altcoins are here.)

The average Kik user is between 11 and 15 years old. Over 40 percent of US teenagers use Kik Messenger.

The minimum age to register with Kik is 13 years.

More about the Kik Messenger

The Kik Messenger records the IP address of users. This enables the company to determine the exact location of a person.

The Kik Messenger has received repeated criticism for pedophiles who use anonymity to get in touch with and take advantage of children. Here the operators are accused of providing insufficient safety standards.

It is reported that the Kik Messenger is vulnerable to messenger bots. These bots send out automatic messages.

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