Electric blue dress with what color scarf

COLOR TREND BLUE - colorful through autumn

Classic Blue was proclaimed one of the trend colors of 2020. In autumn / winter 2020/2021 a few more shades of blue have risen to become the trend colors. No wonder, because blue is one of the favorite colors of most people. That is why the trendy shades of blue are just as welcome in the cold season as they are in summer. The blue dress is a magical way of enjoying the many styling options for a dress, especially in the transitional period. Three styling ideas came to mind when I came up with this dress Madeleine Fashion discovered.


Fall with this feminine dress, lively with a touch of elegance. The dress with the swinging skirt part has a wonderful fall with every movement. The top of the dress is cut figure-hugging. The skirt part is cut wider and has side pockets.


The blue dress looks very chic with my boucle jacket. The advantage of this jacket is obvious. The multicolor allows the jacket to be combined with other colors again and again. Since autumn has sunny days, my pink shoes are used. The blue bag compliments the look perfectly.

Exactly the right look for a shopping tour. And when the shopping bags go perfectly with the chic berry red pumps with the name "Daja" by PETER KAISER then the combination becomes an eye-catcher.

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Style breaks are a great combination and show that the wearer is quite fashionable. It's good that I've had a blue leather jacket in my closet for several years. It goes wonderfully with the dress in the female cut.

Clothes and leather jacket - I had to get used to that. I can understand you well if you are a little skeptical about this combination. Try it out with your dress and your leather jacket. You will find that this is a great new style that is sure to resonate with you. The glove-soft leather jacket in biker style goes just as well with a skirt as it does with chic jeans.


TIP No. 3 - COAT

The look with the matching blue coat is tone-on-tone. This coat has been in my closet for so long, and yet it is always one of my favorite companions.

The coat is in blazer style and thus radiates a timeless style. Thanks to the length that covers the knees, I can combine them in too many outfits. Whether skirt, dress or trousers - the transition coat is an all-rounder.



Particularly beautiful shawls complement the blue dress as accessories. There are currently shawls and scarves in many colors, nuances, materials and definitely suitable for all combinations. I chose an easy one CODELLO Scarf with paisley pattern was chosen. With the code Martina15 you get 15% discount on all scarves and the new bag collection, on the entire range (except on SALE).

As jewelry, I wear a pearl necklace and a larger ring, which is also decorated with a pearl. The designer jewelry from Jeweler de Templeconvinces with high quality workmanship. The ring is made of 925 / - sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated. The white pearl, with a fine luster, is attached to the center of the flower with a pearl pen. The solid ring band is made variable in size, so that a variable ring size of 54 - 59 is possible. One thing is certain: the ring has an eye-catching effect.



These are three of my spontaneous ideas on how to combine a feminine and colorful dress in autumn. Which colors do I recommend? Clearly: black, gray, off-white, magenta and dark blue.




To make a successful business day on a cloudy day, I use color accents. For me this is the very personal kick to successfully go through the day. Colors have an effect, not only on yourself, but also on your counterpart. Since shades of blue are among the most popular colors, as already mentioned, I like to use them. A monochrome look in blue will make your day one of the best. Just give it a try.

The blue dress offers not only three possible combinations, but a lot more. You know, before you decide on a new outfit, you should be able to create three possible combinations with it, namely with the new item and the wardrobe in the wardrobe. I just liked it because I already had the boucle and leather jacket as well as the light coat.

Now I'm really curious what you will say about my look:

  • Which of the three styling ideas do you like best?
  • Which is your power color for cloudy days?


ยปThe fashion is that
whereby the fantastic becomes general for a moment. "

(Oscar Wilde)


Stay tuned - see you soon!



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