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How much can you withdraw money from a Sparkasse ATM? How To Transfer Money Through ATM Sparkasse?

One of the major Russian and European banks is the Russian Sberbank. This is a Russian commercial bank belonging to the international financial group. The bank offers a wide range of services. It's universal. In 2009, the share of Russian Sberbank in the private deposit market reached 50.5%. Debt portfolio contains more than 30% of all outstanding loans in the country. The head office of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation is located in Moscow.

New rules for getting cash at ATMs

How Much Money Can You Withdraw ATM Sparkasse? New regulation on cash withdrawals on November 15, 2013. The average limit for funds fell four times. For each type of card, enter your limit.

If you own a Visa Electron or Maestro card, the daily ATM you will not be given more than fifty thousand. By the way, these cards can not always pay abroad and on the Internet. And how much can you withdraw money from the Sparkasse ATM cards Visa Classic and Mastercard Standard? You can only get eighty thousand a day and 2.5 million a month.

With the new rules, Sberbank tries to inform its customers of cashless payments. Custom line up near payday terminals stayed for a long time. Used to stand in line for paying cash. Almost all developed countries have a daily cash withdrawal limit. This rule is applied and other Russian banks. But Sberbank lowered the limit. We now know how much you can withdraw money from a Sparkasse ATM: 50-80,000 per day. According to experts, most banks can repeat a similar example.

How to use an ATM

Do you want to withdraw money from the ATM Sparkasse? Someone already knows how to do it, and has never used such equipment. It should be noted that the ATM software can sometimes vary. So all you have to do is understand the general principles of working with this device. For the most part, they are identical to the principles of computer users. The most important is formulated as follows: Look me in the eye! That said, you have to look carefully at the terminal screen. After all, there are instructions on it. You should read them carefully. That is the whole secret!

So how do you withdraw money in an ATM? First you need to learn how to insert the card correctly. The place where it is deployed you can peek at the customer who is waiting in line in front of you. Typically magnetic stripe cards hold down. If the card chip is integrated, as a zholtenkogo place, then it should be before.

The choice of dialogue language and others

How to choose the language of the dialogue? Find language on the top line of the terminal screen. It is important to pay particular attention to it. This line is translated as "language". Select the language by clicking on the button on the left in front of the phrase "RUSSIAN".

To check your account balance, you just need to find the words "Account Balance". It's on the right.

Now is the time to remember the PIN code or what is known as the password. You need to know the password unauthorized persons are prohibited to disclose. On the left of the screen you will find the four crosses «XXXX». Feel free to click on the number buttons placed under the bottom of the monitor. Only four secret numbers. Once dialed numbers, press the "Enter" key. You can find it on the right. If you find yourself until you press this button, it entered an incorrect code, press the "RESET" button. And chooses all of them again and again, slowly and gently.

Note: If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, your card will be blocked! Left button shows the rest of your money on the screen, and using the right button you can print it.

Cash withdrawal

Making cash is the most important moment. Press the top button placed in front of the term “prepayment”. If the ATM does not give money, you can press the "Return Map". In the case of the donor, according to the denomination:

  • 100 rubles;
  • 500 rubles;
  • 1000 rubles;
  • 2000 rubles;
  • 4000 rubles;
  • 5000 rubles.

Well, you need to calculate how much you can withdraw money from an ATM Sparkasse? Feel free to click the button. But sometimes it takes "Other Amount" key. Now enter the desired amount. In the event of an incorrect entry, the "Reset" button is always at hand. Don't forget about it. But if you want to withdraw 44 kopecks from your account 226 rubles, it is unlikely that you will appear. First, the ATM does not give the coin, and secondly, can only receive the amount that is several hundred rubles. Next, the car will again be asked to enter a PIN code. You already know how to do it.

You will see the phrase “take your card” - to take away! And then write “take the money” - take away immediately! After that, the ATM will ask if you want to continue. If you wish, press "YES". If you don't want to, press “NO”.

Some valuable tips

If you have a PIN code you can't be rushed! You are only given three attempts. And if you run out of them, you can no longer use the card. This is why sometimes you cannot withdraw money from ATMs. By the way, you can change the PIN code. This will be done through the terminal's menu. You just need to find the department "Change your PIN." If it is missing, please contact your bank branch.

Hurry to pick up your card when issued by the terminal. It must be removed within 25 seconds, otherwise the ATM card will delay. And don't forget your check. If there was a technical defect in the machine, contact the bank branch.

other ATMs

How to withdraw money from someone else's ATM? Terms of use are a variety of the same. It's like a bike: if you know how to ride on your own, you'll be able to ride on your neighbor. In fact, one card facility so you can withdraw money through another terminal. It often offers an additional fee to be paid. its size is completely different. Hence, read the labels on the ATM screen.

How to transfer money through the terminal?

Would you like to send money from one card to another? You will need on the recipient's account. Insert the connector slot on the card and enter a PIN code. Next, select the on-screen service "Transfers". Reading the system prompt you will enter the card number you need to transfer funds and the amount. Now we need to confirm the transaction and receive a check.

Do you just want to transfer money to the account? So, instead of the card number you need to enter in the field on the screen dvadtsatiznachny account number. Transfer the terminal through and can be cash without using non-cash transactions. To do this, select on the "Remittances" screen indicating the card number or account to which the funds are to be sent to write the amount. Choose translation - cash. And loaded the money into the ATM.