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Since I emigrated to Korea a few years ago, I've been expecting everything. Or so I thought.

The language is different, the culture, suddenly you are living in a multi-million dollar metropolis. There is always something going on somewhere around the clock.

But the unexpected things that you don't even think of wait in the small details. And I'll tell you about four of them today.

1. The soap in public places

If you are not a fan of sharing the soap with hundreds of strangers, you should definitely take a small packet of hand cleaning gel with you. In public toilets, in restaurants and in principle almost everywhere there are no pressure soap dispensers, but bars of soap that you can use! They then hang on iron bars right next to the sink. And if you don't find that yourself, then there is simply no soap.

Due to the corona pandemic, those public toilets were always equipped with liquid soap. The question remains, however, whether this will also prevail. Presumably the usual soap just comes back.

However, I have seen liquid soap often on the toilets of train and underground stations; also before Covid-19.

2. They spit everywhere, really EVERYWHERE

It is mostly the older men who pull up their snot and then just spit out. They don't care about passers-by, which almost makes you get hit by the spit and that can be pretty disgusting. If you walk around on the street, you sometimes have to be careful not to step in somewhere.

3. No trash cans

Anyone who happily strolls through the streets of Korea will sooner or later discover that there are virtually no public garbage cans. This is due to the fact that a special waste separation is planned in Korea, which I have already reported to you in a little more detail here.

Unfortunately, this means that in Korea there is an increasing problem with garbage lying around. In passing, empty cups from the coffee shop are simply placed on a small wall and more and more packaging from lunch boxes is added. A problem that we are probably struggling with around the world.

4. You have to be proactive

Whether you start an employment relationship or do a semester abroad at a Korean university, you will quickly find that you have to be incredibly proactive. Otherwise it can happen that class photos are suddenly taken and you only find out about it five minutes before - and show up for class in sweat shorts.

So get used to asking classmates, college and work colleagues regularly if anything special is coming up. The point is not that they don't want to let you know, but for whatever reason they always assume that you simply know things. Koreans are seldom aware that other cultures work very differently! (At least that's how I experienced it, so no offense!)

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