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99 good questions to get to know in WhatsApp

You have just received the number of this incredibly cute girl or have been writing with her for a while.

Now you want to know what good questions to get to know are for WhatsApp that you can ask the girl or woman.

The reason for your thirst for knowledge:

You have the gloomy premonition that your beloved could be bored in the chat with you and your conversation will flatten ...

... so that she writes back less and less and at some point no longer answers!

But you want to win them over for a relationship and not screw it up with the wrong news, am I right?

Do not worry, my dear:

In this blog article you will find the 99 best get-to-know questions with which you will inspire the girl and appear so attractive that she will want the date with you at the end.

To do that, you don't have to be a born entertainer, you just have to type the sentences into your smartphone that I deliver to you here bite-sized.

Questions to get to know: The WhatsApp no-go's

If you want to successfully flirt with the girl, you should avoid boring questions about getting to know each other on WhatsApp.

Even if it is meant well and honestly: women hate to read the same run-of-the-mill sentences that all the other men write for her.

So please refrain from asking such boring questions as:

  • How are you?
  • What did you do on the weekend?
  • How was the party?
  • What you do for a living?
  • What are your hobbies?

“Oh, sounds okay to get to know each other in WhatsApp,” you think? Noooo!

Aside from the fact that these questions are deadly boring, they are hardly anything to talk about.

What is a girl supposed to answer that great? Besides writing "Thank you, I'm fine!" - or provide dry facts about hobbies and work?

Your chat will fizzle out pretty quickly after a few uninteresting messages, believe me!

Good introductory questions for WhatsApp

But what should you write her instead to arouse her desire for a date and to win her over to a relationship?

In another blog article I already revealed over a hundred questions about getting to know each other, which you can also use for texting with the girls (and not just for the date).

Especially for WhatsApp, I would like to give you further ideas in addition to the topics for writing:

Phase 1: The interesting introduction to the conversation

The burning question at the beginning is:

How can you write to a woman in WhatsApp when you have received her number - whether through online dating or in "real life"?

Avoid boring sentences like:

Hey, this is Jonas, we met at XY! Do you remember me?

Epic Fail!

Not only does that sound uninteresting for a flirt, the girl will also think:

Hm, he thinks he's so unattractive that he thinks I've already forgotten him. He doesn't seem like a confident man!

Specific questions about your "insider topic"

The best thing to do is to start your chat conversation with WhatsApp questions that relate to the specific situation when you last spoke.

Examples of such "insiders" are:

  1. 1. Hey, this is Olaf the snowman. Is there my snow queen? (if you talked about the Disney movie before, for example)
  2. 2. Have you been there for a long time or did your feet hurt in your high heels? Why do you girls always wear such uncomfortable things? (if you met her while partying in the club)
  3. 3. Got through the rain well? You were packed with your shopping bags like a pack donkey! (When you talked to her in town)
  4. 4. Are you in the mood for this delicious cola beer again? I can go for it ... (if you had that together at the party)
  5. 5. Hello, is there the dog grooming shop that does such a nice hairdressing of poodles? (if you've talked about pets)

This is the perfect first message to build on your previous encounter without flattening out!

Phase 2: Funny questions to girls in WhatsApp

Be a little crazy too!

At the beginning of your chat conversation, you should have casual small talk, without any particular depth or intimate topics.

For this I give you the tip to write her a few funny questions that other men will never read:

  1. 6. What is your favorite character in Spongebob / The Simpsons etc.?
  2. 7. Imagine you want to fall asleep in the evening and a huge spider is crouching on the ceiling above your bed. What would you do?
  3. 8. Did you have a funny nickname as a kid?
  4. 9. Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?
  5. 10. Did you skip school before? What did you do in that time?
  6. 11. Can you wiggle your ears? (if so, ask for video evidence!)
  7. 12. What's the funniest conspiracy theory you've ever heard of?
  8. 13. Do you have any weird habit that a man should know about?
  9. 14. How would you behave in a zombie apocalypse? (send a funny photo of the zombie)
  10. 15. Are you clumsy - and how can you tell?
  11. 16. What would you do if you were kidnapped by aliens? Fight or Negotiate?
  12. 17. Is there any embarrassing party experience that you can laugh about today?
  13. 18. Have you ever used banned substances? What did you experience?
  14. 19. If you could go back in time and meet the old you, what would you tell him?
  15. 20. Have you ever made an embarrassing slip of the tongue?
  16. 21. When did you break the rules really hard?
  17. 22. Do you have a strange superstition?
  18. 23. Do you think you can ride dinosaurs?
  19. 24. Have you ever called Astro-TV?
  20. 25. What is the most uncomfortable thing that ever happened to you on a date?
  21. 26. What was your funniest costume on Carnival / Halloween?
  22. 27. What would you do if an evil wizard turned you into an ant?
  23. 28. Has an accident happened to you that everyone looked at you?
  24. 29. What is YOUR favorite joke? (send a picture with a good joke that YOU can laugh about!)

This is how you make the girls smile, generate positive emotions and thus increase your attractiveness!

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Phase 3: Interesting introductory questions in WhatsApp

The next step in your flirty conversation is about learning about their hobbies and interests.

Here you will find exciting questions to get to know:

  1. 30. Where are you there to eat and what was that delicious dish? (if she has a photo from the restaurant in WhatsApp status)
  2. 31. Do you play a musical instrument?
  3. 32. Are you an owl or a lark (that is, an early bird or a long bat)?
  4. 33. Would you like to have pets?
  5. 34. Do you prefer an adventure holiday with tents or in a luxury hotel with a pool?
  6. 35. Imagine your house is on fire. Which three items would you save from the flames first?
  7. 36. What do you spend most of your money on? Have you ever made a bad buy?
  8. 37. What are your favorite books?
  9. 38. Which cell phone do you want to buy next?
  10. 39. Will you send me a picture of how your apartment is decorated? I wanna see how you live
  11. 40. Have you ever done something superstitious / esoteric (placing cards, crystal ball etc.)
  12. 41. What's your favorite series on Netflix?
  13. 42. How was your last birthday / last Christmas?
  14. 43. Do you prefer to cook or bake - and if so, what?
  15. 44. When was your last relationship?
  16. 45. Is there one thing in life that you really want to learn?
  17. 46. ​​What do you do to get a good sleep in the evening?
  18. 47. Which magazines / websites do you read regularly?
  19. 48. Do you have special manual skills?
  20. 49. Where do you like to go to party and how often?
  21. 50. What was the worst date you can remember?
  22. 51. Is there a fragrance that you are crazy about?
  23. 52. Which sports do you like to do or do you watch them on TV?
  24. 53. Where are you on vacation there and what did you experience there? (to the picture in their status)
  25. 54. Do you have siblings and how did you understand each other as children?
  26. 55. How do you get on with your work colleagues?
  27. 56. Do you sometimes go to the theater or do you prefer to the cinema?
  28. 57. What is your favorite season and why?
  29. 58. Is there a singer that you particularly like to hear?
  30. 59. What is your favorite color?
  31. 60. Have you ever won a competition or the lottery?

With such topics you can already roughly estimate what type of woman she is. You will notice whether she could even be the right partner for a relationship with her interests and leisure activities.

Phase 4: Personal questions to get to know

If you've been writing for a long time, you should ask more intimate questions in WhatsApp in order to bring getting to know the superficial flirt to an even deeper level.

In this way, you can learn important things in conversation with the girl - such as her values, character traits and future plans:

  1. 61. How was Christmas in your childhood? And at what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus?
  2. 62. Is there a country that you absolutely want to visit again?
  3. 63. Do you have any tattoos? What is their meaning?
  4. 64. How do you define “success” for yourself personally?
  5. 65. Have you ever done something for a good cause?
  6. 66. What was your favorite childhood series?
  7. 67. Do you believe in zodiac signs and which one suits you particularly well?
  8. 68. Have you ever been secretly or unhappily in love?
  9. 69. How do you imagine your life in 50 years?
  10. 70. Do you have a scar and how did it come about?
  11. 71. Which party did you vote in the last election and why?
  12. 72. When was your last really good conversation?
  13. 73. Are there any fears or weaknesses that you want to put aside?
  14. 74. Would you like to get married and have children someday?
  15. 75. How do you imagine the absolute dream partner if you could "bake" him?
  16. 76. Do you eat a vegetarian or even vegan diet? What other eating habits do you have?
  17. 77. Which three character traits are particularly important to you in other people?
  18. 78. What was the most painful lesson you had to learn in life?
  19. 79. Is there a special piece of jewelry (necklace, watch, etc.) and what personal meaning does it have for you?
  20. 80. How is your relationship with your parents?
  21. 81. What are you doing to protect the environment?
  22. 82. How did your last relationship fail and what do you want to do differently next time?
  23. 83. Have you ever done things that you regret today in retrospect?
  24. 84. What are the most beautiful moments that you remember in your childhood?
  25. 85. What do you think will come after life on this earth?
  26. 86. Which qualities in other people do you dislike at all?

In this way you will find out whether you are really “soul mate” and you can build up a strong trust in one another!

Phase 5: WhatsApp questions with sexual innuendos

If she trusts you through intimate conversations and a hot flirt is crackling in your "line", you can at some point in the conversation also move on to the topic of sex.

Maybe then she'll get mad to finally meet you on a date and you'll end up in bed pretty quickly.

But maybe she'll send you a few nude pictures beforehand so that you can enjoy her sexy sight even faster.

However, please do not make suggestive remarks, but rather cleverly sprinkle sexual innuendos.

The best thing to do in the chat with the girls is to discreetly (!) Focus on slippery topics:

  1. 87. What do you look for first when a handsome man walks into the room?
  2. 88. Do you think [Singer / Actor XY] is really gay?
  3. 89. If you could be a man for a day, what would the first thing you do?
  4. 90. Does the famous "Summer of 69" have anything to do with the sex position? I read something like that in a newspaper article the other day ...
  5. 91. Why do women like to kiss so much at parties even though they are not lesbian?
  6. 92. What do you think, who cheats more often - men or women?
  7. 93. Have you ever seen animals doing indecent things while visiting the zoo?
  8. 94. Did you also have these weird dummies of genitals in biology class when it came to education?
  9. 95. Imagine having a hot night with someone of your choice. Who would that be
  10. 96. What is the difference between porn for men and for women?
  11. 97. Have you kissed your best friend before?
  12. 98. Do you believe, like the psychoanalysts, that drinking from a straw or smoking a cigar has a hidden sexual component, or is there too much being interpreted into it by science?
  13. 99. Have you ever experienced embarrassing things during sex?

With a bit of instinct, such a hot conversation can emerge, without her knowing how you came up with it in the end ...

It will feel as if the topic “just came about”!

3 important tips for your chat conversation

In other articles on my blog, I have already explained to you in detail what you have to consider when dating and flirting with WhatsApp.

But I would like to give you a few more tips and rules on the way:

1. Use the power of images and voice

Everyone knows grandma's clever sayings like: "A picture is worth a thousand words" or "The sound makes the music"

Even if it sounds like smart shit, there is some truth to it.

For your questions about getting to know each other in WhatsApp, this means: Don't just send the woman text messages, but use the full possibilities of the program.

You can underpin your questions and answers, for example, with funny GIFs or photos of your experiences.

And instead of writing to the girl, you can also send a voice message so that she will immediately fall in love with your sexy voice :-)

2. Find good answers yourself

As soon as the woman has a certain interest in you, she will not only give an answer, but also ask a counter-question, for example:

And with you?"Or"What do you think about it?“

And even if she doesn't do it in your conversation, you should have a damn good answer ready for each of your WhatsApp questions.

Because you should not only question them like a police detective, but in return tell something about yourself every time.

This way she gets to know you better and trusts you!

3. Do not use delay tactics

Most men now know that you shouldn't shoot a girl every minute with messages in order not to appear desperate and needy.

But don't try to keep them on forever when you answer, to make yourself interesting! The famous 3-day rule no longer applies these days.

With that you screw up tons of chances of cool dates.

First, the woman sees through your game very carefully ...

And secondly, you are increasingly being forgotten by her. While you wait, she has long been writing with other men who may ask her funny questions about getting to know each other on WhatsApp.

At some point you'll be completely out of it.

So: It's best to forge the iron while it's hot and take advantage of the hour to write intensively with her ...

... and at the climax of your conversation to get the date clear on TIME!

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