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How important is sex in a relationship? - 7 questions you should answer

Is sex really that important in one relationshipas everyone always says?
Some therapists and counselors say that sex is very important and you should do whatever you can to make it a part of your relationship. Other therapists and counselors, on the other hand, say that it is not essential for a romantic relationship.

I think it makes a healthy balance. Of course, sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship. But I still think it's very important. Through him we manage to connect with our partner on another level. We create an energetic contact between us that can also create trust. We touch and in a way that no one else does to us.

What is your sexuality like within your relationship?
Do you know exactly how important sex is to you, but above all to you, in your relationship?

In this article I would like to explain to you why sex is important in a relationship. I also present you 7 questions with which you can find out whether your needs and ideas are being met.



What if sex is missing in the relationship

First and foremost, the individuality of your relationship is a key ingredient to understanding. This also includes your individual wishes, needs and your beliefs. It also includes the individual wishes, needs and beliefs of your partner.


Find some to find out by answering these 7 questions:

#1. How do you feel about sex Is it exciting and fun for you, or is it more of a chore for you?

# 2. Would you be in the relationship Try more love games with your partner or are you satisfied with less to no sex in the relationship?

# 3. How do you feel when your partner wants sex? Do you feel a tingling sensation and also the desire for it or do you dread the thought?

# 4. Now take a look at your beliefs. Do you think sex should be an important part of a romantic relationship?

# 5. Do you believe that a woman can also be the seductress and the active part in a sexual relationship or does everything always come from the man?

# 6. Whether you are a man or a woman, do you think your physical desires are something shameful?

# 7. Do you think that after a couple of years in a relationship or marriage, sex will get less and all of it gone? Is it just the way it is?


Questions answered?

After looking at these questions, I recommend that you encourage your partner to look at and answer these questions as well.

For many couples it is a taboo subject to talk about sex. So, if it feels a little difficult for you to talk about it with your partner, know that you are not alone in this.

However that is Communication about your sex life, vital. Ok, does that mean now that I mean that sex is vital in your relationship after all? The quick answer is yes! But it is nowhere near that simple.

If you should be in a relationship without sex, then I see it as a different kind of partnership. You are roommates, good friends (maybe best friends), but you are not romantic partners. I think a sexless relationship is not an intimate relationship.

While there can be a level of intimacy on an emotional level, and perhaps in part on a physical level, without sexual intimacy it just isn't a romantic partnership.

That doesn't mean people aren't happy in a sexless relationship. Everyone has to decide for themselves. But I think there is usually a reason why there are people who are not interested in sex.

This may be due to a lack of pleasure or attraction to their partner. This can include physical or psychological problems, as well as religious beliefs, a lack of trust and much more besides.

So, if you're someone who isn't interested in sex with your partner then go back and ask yourself the first three questions I mentioned above. Really try to answer the questions without associating them with your partner or any other sexual partner you have had in the past.



No sex in a relationship, what to do?

Are your answers any different?

If you find that you want a great sex life but you are not interested in sex in your relationship with your partner, it is said that yours Doomed relationship is?

No, not necessarily! Maybe you should then look for a coach, counselor or therapist in this area. This can help you understand why this is the case and how it can go on. It doesn't mean, however, that you will never experience sexual intimacy with your partner again.

If you want to have a real intimate and romantic partnership, I will say clearly "yes" to the fact that sex is very important in your relationship, but there are a large number of other factors that come into play.

Also, please don't think that if there are problems in your relationship, only sex can heal or maintain your relationship. This work goes way beyond just having sex.


My last words to you

I know for myself that sex is very important for me in a relationship. It gives me the opportunity to connect with my partner in a way that is very intimate. A kind that I only do with him and with no other person.

Nevertheless, everyone has to find out their own truth for themselves and decide what is important and right for themselves. I can only give suggestions here.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose!

Try to see if the most beautiful thing in the world will help you further in your partnership. The fact is that sex provides us with a lot of happiness hormones and it makes us feel good. It also makes us happier.

I wish you a lot of fun finding a passion that may have been buried again.

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With a lot of light and love

Your Isabel


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Author: Isabel Manske

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