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Fighting woodworms against woodworm infestation by wood pests

Fighting woodworms made easy

Woodworm control
  • dryness
  • big heat
  • cold
  • Acorns
  • Vinegar essence
  • Boron salt
  • Ammonia

Also known as a common rodent beetle (Anobium punctatum) known woodworm is mostly very hungry and causes great damage to wooden furniture and components.

Once the woodworm or its larvae have started to eat their way through the wood and the typical small woodworm holes can be seen on the wood surface, it is high time to fight woodworms. Otherwise a beloved piece of furniture or an important architectural structure threatens to be completely destroyed.

Woodworms, also house longhorns and sapwood beetles, which are also wood-destroying insects, have to be eliminated as quickly as possible. With us you will learn how to recognize woodworm infestation and how to get rid of woodworms.

Appearance and development of woodworms

Before you can fight the rodent beetle, you first have to know what it looks like. Because a woodworm is very similar to the bread beetle. Mostly the Rodent beetles 3 to 5 mm long, has a dark brown color and one oval outline. His head is protected by a pronotum. The antennae are represented by three slightly enlarged end links Larvae of the woodworm are strongly curved, but have strong jaw forcepswith which they eat the wood.

Every female lays around 20 to 30 eggs into a wood crack. Their larvae hatch 3 weeks, dig into the wood and develop in it up to 4 years. As soon as the larva is fully grown, it pupates and the adult beetle and leaves the wood.

Abnormalities in woodworm infestation

First of all, the previously mentioned holes also fall 1 to 2 mm in diameter which occur more frequently with woodworm infestation. Of the number these holes can usually be found on the inner destruction close of the wood. But while the larvae of the woodworm linger in their holes, the larvae of the other parasites come to light more often and are therefore more quickly noticed. In addition, the Ejection of drilling dust especially noticable. The more drilling dust you find, the greater the woodworm infestation.

Quick overview of woodworm control

PesticidesMode of action
drynessDry wood does not serve as food for the woodworm and it starves to death.
heatHeat above 55 ° C kills the woodworm larvae.
Boron saltServes preventive and drives away woodworms.
AmmoniaThe fumes expel and kill woodworms and larvae
Vinegar essenceUnpleasant smells drive the woodworm away.
AcornsA delicacy for woodworms who willingly change feeding grounds.

Chemical agents used to control woodworms

First of all, the method of combating woodworms also depends a little on their occurrence. You should do it with a big one Number of woodworms have to do, it is usually better if you either work with chemical agents - please strictly observe all safety instructions for the agent used - or contact one of them professional exterminator.

If, on the other hand, only a small area of ​​the wood or even just a piece of furniture is affected, you can do the following biological and home remedies try out. Because that is usually better for the environment and health.

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Biological and home remedies for woodworm control

  1. Woodworms can only survive in wood, that too accordingly wet is. So if, for example, you have an old infected piece of furniture that you want to save and get rid of the woodworms, place the furniture in one centrally heated room. Due to the increasing Drying out of the wood the larvae will die. You do not need to be afraid that other wooden parts in the room will be attacked because they are already sufficiently dried out.
  2. Woodworms also react very strongly heat. Usually enough 55 degrees Celsius to be able to destroy the woodworms. This has to do with their protein core. Because woodworms consist to a large extent of protein, you can use heat to break it down and thus eliminate the woodworm. You should therefore take the appropriate piece of wood and place it in the, for example Oven or sauna and leave it there up to one hour rest at the specified temperature.
  3. If it is not a “mobile” piece of wood, but a solid beam, you can try the following trick: Woodworms love acorns. So put a few acorns near the infected area. The woodworms are magically attracted by the smell. Once it has pulled the worms out of the holes, you can fight the woodworms.
  4. Another variant is that Boron salt against woodworms In sufficient doses, it has a preventive effect as well as combating woodworms. However, since the salt does not penetrate far into the cross-section of the wood, it is only absorbed relatively late, more precisely when the insects fly out. Already existing larvae can continue to eat for a while before they come into contact with the salt for the first time as full insects. But with permanent treatment with boron salt, the woodworm should be able to be combated completely.
  5. Another home remedy is ammonia. Make a flat Bowl with ammonia on the affected piece of furniture. Wrap the piece of furniture airtight with foil and tape and let it stand for a few days. The spreading vapors cause the larvae to die. But be careful: some woods such as oak or beech can change color. With softwood, however, this method of combating woodworms should not be a problem.
  6. Nobody likes the smell of vinegar - not even the woodworm. Give something with a syringe Vinegar essence into the visible holes and the woodworm seeks the distance. However, the woodworm is only driven away and is looking for a new home.

Attention: At this point I would like to point out that it is mainly the Larvae that should be eliminated during woodworm control. While adult woodworms can be destroyed relatively easily, it is the larvae that cause trouble in the long run. So check carefully whether you are leaving the Fight woodwormst have. Otherwise there is a possibility that you will have to start all over again a few years later because the remaining larvae have developed further and are depositing new eggs in the wood.

Prevent woodworm infestation and protect wood for many years

Because the woodworm is particularly keen on the Moisture of the wood arrives, you should make sure that dry stored wood well can or lies dry. Wood should be outdoors never directly on the ground otherwise the soil moisture prevents drying and even further moistens the wood. In addition, it is best to always put wood under one Plansto protect it from rain.

At Exterior wood you can with weather protection agents work that you apply to the wood like a glaze. Most of them do not contain any active substances against the insects themselves, but they are water-repellent and light-protectingso that the wood cannot dampen too much. Woodworm death is an exception. This woodworm death is a wood glaze that you need to paint on the wood. It contains an active ingredient against woodworms, which prevents them from appearing in the first place.

in the Indoor in turn, you should only use funds that come with the blue angel because otherwise you are putting your own health at risk. Since you are usually spared woodworms in the warm living rooms, your controls can concentrate on the roof structure and the like. Occasionally check there whether moisture has penetrated the wood.

And as soon as you notice the first signs of woodworm infestation, you should start with the Woodworm control start.

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Preferred wood species of woodworms

Especially Sapwood is popular with the rodent beetle. Colored heartwood Pine, larch, Douglas fir and oak, on the other hand, are only attacked if they are permanently infested. The woodworms work on the same piece of wood over the years until they have literally dissolved it.

Especially Early wood is susceptible to rodent beetles. This means the light areas in the annual rings, which mostly form in spring. The firmer one Latewood however, is spared. But that's exactly what creates one Lamellar structure in the wood and it loses its strength.

Furthermore, woodworms only infect dead and built-up wood. On the other hand, they avoid living or very fresh wood. However, that does play Age of the wood is irrelevant for the infestation. Whether a centuries-old roof structure or a garden bench that is only a few years old is unimportant to the woodworm. The main thing is that it can settle in dead and damp wood.

Bankirai with woodworm?

People with Bankirai or Bangkirai wood floors occasionally worry that their wood is infected with woodworms. This is due to the fact that Bankirai often has so-called pinholes. These are wormholes that are created by the ambrosia beetle, which is active on the living or freshly felled tree. But it is no longer a danger in sawn timber. This is why the small holes are seen as common in the trade and are not a wood fault.

Fighting woodworms can take years

Most often the woodworm is noticed through holes 1 to 2 mm in diameter from which the Boring dust swells. Above all, this is a sign that the larvae are still active in the wood and are eating their way through the early wood.

The rodent beetle is mostly found in Basements, attics, churches, firewood stores and vacant buildings, because unlike living spaces, these are rarely heated. In living rooms, the wood is simply too dry for the woodworm because the wood moisture is usually only between 8-10 percent. If the wood worm does appear in living rooms, the wood has been moistened too often, e.g. B. by wiping.

Woodworms like to linger where they grew up and also lay their eggs there, from which the larvae hatch. So if you ever come across woodworm infestation, make sure you do the Fight woodworm. Otherwise you will have the same problem again after one to four years. This is usually how long the larvae need to develop. Under unfavorable conditions, the larvae can even develop for eight years before they become beetles and lay new eggs. So who one Eliminate woodworm infestation wants, he has to get rid of its larvae above all.

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