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Forehead lines and frown lines: how do they arise and what helps?

Horizontal forehead wrinkles and steep frown lines above the bridge of the nose - these signs of aging are usually difficult to hide and often also give you a worried expression on your face. Many people therefore try to smooth the wrinkles on their foreheads again. But how do the lines on the face come about? And what can you do about it?

Forehead wrinkles, frown lines and their causes

Forehead lines, frown lines - almost everyone will probably be able to relate to these two terms. The former are the typical, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead that everyone sooner or later discovers in the mirror on their counterpart. Frown lines, on the other hand, run from the root of the nose up over the eyebrows - usually two folds symmetrically.

Forehead lines can add a tired, worried expression to the face, while frown lines are more associated with a serious, severe appearance.

The main cause of forehead wrinkles or frown lines is primarily the proverbial ravages of time. Already from around the age of 25 the body's own production of collagen and elastin decreases. These are proteins in the body that are part of the skin. Collagen in particular is known to be able to store a lot of water and to give the skin firmness and resilience.

Factors in own way of life can also influence the natural aging process. Smoking, a lot of alcohol, and little sleep are often the cause when the first wrinkles form early. Especially with wrinkles on the face, facial expressions also play a certain role: Forehead wrinkles are encouraged, among other things, by frequent frowning. They are considered a sign of worrying a lot - that's why forehead lines are often called worry lines. Frown lines can occur with generally tense facial expressions, for example in people who work concentrated for a long time.

Can forehead wrinkles be smoothed out? Or even remove it completely?

The extent to which the forehead and frown lines disappear again depends on which method is used and how strong the wrinkles are already pronounced. As a general rule, the skin should be cared for preventively before the first wrinkles can be seen. This includes, for example, regular lotion and gentle cleaning. Smoking, alcohol and sunbathing - also in the solarium - should be restricted for the sake of the skin.

Here you can find out what else you can do if you want to smooth out frown lines and frown lines again:

  • The external skin care: Even if forehead wrinkles have already formed, skin care products for external use can have a positive effect on the complexion. Vitamin A (retinol) is considered an anti-aging ingredient and is used to smooth the skin and reduce the depth of wrinkles. Urea is used to increase the water content in the cornea - because dry skin is more prone to wrinkles. Forehead lines or frown lines cannot be removed with creams or masks, but they can be reduced.
  • The inner skin care: A healthy diet is also reflected in the complexion of your skin. If you want to smooth out your forehead wrinkles, you shouldn't forget to drink one and a half to two liters of water or unsweetened tea every day. Unsaturated fatty acids (for example in fish), valuable proteins (in legumes and dairy products) and vitamin C (in many fruits and vegetables) are also considered good for the skin. There is also the option of taking care of the skin from the inside with certain supplements. Preparations with collagen, for example, should contribute to more resilience.
  • Facial massage: A facial massage is relaxing and can also help smooth out frown and forehead lines. It is important to only exert very light pressure on the sensitive skin of the face. Combine the massage with the daily application of lotion. Trace the lines of the frown lines with the index and ring fingers of one hand several times in a row. For wrinkles on the forehead, you can place the index and middle fingers of your hands in the middle of the forehead and massage them with circular movements outwards towards the temples. Alternatively, cosmetic studios offer appropriate massages.
  • What medicine can do: Going to the doctor is also an option to have annoying forehead wrinkles removed. The range of medical interventions is quite large. By injecting hyaluronic acid, the wrinkles can be injected or filled in and smoothed out in this way. A major procedure is a face lift, in which the facial skin is surgically tightened. Every intervention can be associated with risks. Find out in advance which they are and whether you want to accept them for a firmer complexion.

Conclusion: Even if frown and frown lines cannot be completely and permanently removed, regular and careful skin care can lead to a fresher complexion. Additional methods sometimes help to reduce the depth of wrinkles. However, medical interventions involve health risks - it is therefore worth looking at alternatives.

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